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♪ ♪ >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday, august 17th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us bright and early. another nsa spying bombshell. not only did they break thousands of laws while watching americans, but they claim they did it all by mistake. this is the scandal that keeps getting worse. we'll explain it. >> muslim groups planning a million muslim march set to take place on, get, this 9/11. why? because they say they are the real victims of that attack. >> clayton: take a look at this. a woman not doing any favor to her genders. repeated attempted to exit the garage.
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ms. al con camerota. it goes on for liar like a minute. she gets out. yeah. that's not going to work. does this prove that women can't drive? we're going to debate it next. "fox & friends" begins right now. hi. my name is alexandra, you are watching my favorite show. "fox & friends." >> alisyn: that's my daughter. >> is it really her favorite show? >> alisyn: it is her favorite show but i would never let her watch it. >> clayton: sounds like a character from the disney show. >> alisyn: i didn't know she recorded that my 8-year-old daughter is with us today she asleep at the moment. >> clayton: it's not her favorite show. >> tucker: what time did she get up this morning? >> alisyn: she got up at 4:00 a.m. to come to work with me. she is sleeping right now. she taped that yesterday. that was adorable. thank you, toba.
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>> clayton: good morning to awful you. we have a jam-packed four hours for you. we have headlines. >> alisyn: we do we start with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping another blood bad in egypt as standoff between police and protesters turn deadly again. in downtown cairo flames consume buildings and gunfire erupted in the streets. [gunfire] >> alisyn: at least 82 people were killed friday including 10 police officers as the muslim brotherhood took to the streets in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency. dramatic video shows protesters jumping from a bring to escape gunfire. street battles enraged neighborhoods. muslim brotherhood vows daily protests. so far more than 700 people have been killed in this week's violence. and a deadly crash involving a bus full of people headed to disney's
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epcot theme park. 63-year-old woman killed after a bus hit her car. witnesses say a car was stopped in the middle of the road and the bus could not break in time. a woman died at the hospital. two people on the bus were treated for minor injuries. well, it looks like pennsylvania's strict voter i.d. law is on hold again. a state judge is blocking its enforcement through the november 5th general election. this will mark the third consecutive election that the law will be barred by a court order. several groups have argued that the measure is unconstitutional. the law requires voters to have a state-issued i.d. before casting a ballot. new overnight alex rodriguez denies a "60 minutes" report that minutes of his inner circle ratted out ryan braun for using performance enhancing drugs. the report says it happened in february. dates after the miami new times published documents implicating a rod in
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baseball's steroid scandal. >> it's not true. i poke to is sevillely -- i spoke to sevillely this morning and he understands it's not true and we are on the same page. >> this as braun is reportedly ready to come clean. his family members telling "u.s.a. today" that the brewers slugger has sent apology letters to baseball officials and might make a public announcement soon. brawn braun is serving a 65 game suspension. that's your headlines. >> clayton: thanks, aly. check in with rick reichmuth for fall-like weather. is it august. >> feels like late september. it has for a lot of people. it's going to change. in fact, a lot of the northeast and great lakes that clayton has been talking about it's been so cool for so long. it's going to change. summer returns this week. places down across the southeast. atlanta yesterday your high temperature was only into the 60's. coolest temperature you have seen this date since
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back in towards the 80's. very cool air. another cool day today. you get a thing called a wedge of cold air funneled in between the mountains in across parts of the northern georgia area and you can't get out of that you have had a lot of rain. some areas in the last 48 hours have seen over 4 inches of rain and flooding is a big concern. mostly to the south of the atlanta area but we're going to see more moisture pulling in there all weekend long. get ready for maybe another 3 to 5 inches and that's going to exacerbate this problem. part of some tropical moisture down across areas of the central gulf. most of the moisture is pulling in towards the southeast. if there is any kind of development of this tropical storm. it won't be anything too significant and maybe moving in towards the west around south texas. they could use some rain down there. we are not talking about the storm. the moisture, however is, going in towards the northeast. take a look at high temperatures. see that green patch there? clayton, how about that. 70 degrees today. going to be lucky to get to 70 in atlanta and it's august. that feels like october,
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november in atlanta. >> this is the type of weather with the windows open. nighttime sleeping it's incredible. >> alisyn: don't make it sound so great. i miss august. i need it to be hot before labor day. >> clayton: thanks, rick. trust us. we are doing our best. under no circumstances are americans being spied on? it turns out over 2700 americans were spied on last year according to an internal reported by the nsa. a report that was not released to congress. not given even to the administration. but held tightly within nsa and leaked ultimately to the "the washington post." which is how we know about it. >> clayton: yesterday, john delong, i love this. he is the director of compliance with the nsa. held a press conference with reporters to try to go over some of these concerns and basically saying that, look. mistakes were made but we have a zero tolerance policy. listen to john delong.
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he says this: nsa has a zero tolerance policy for willful misconduct. none of the incidents that were in the documents released were willful. no one at nsa thinks a mistake is okay but those kinds of reports are designed and generated to make sure we understand when mistakes occur. ' so willful. i like this. so this idea that we didn't willfully grab any of this stuff. what i find so hypocritical about this is the very technology they are using does this. they know that the technology he they are using captures all of this information. when he they built and put this technology in place. that was willful. so this is a lie. >> alisyn: a lot of it is human error as we now know. the reason these things came to light by the way was because of edward snowden. he released these documents to the "the washington post" that then published them yesterday. now we have actual concrete examples of what the nsa is doing. for instance, as tucker said 2776 times they
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intercepted. oh, by the way. that's just in one year. the "the washington post" looked at these documents just for one random year and they found 2776 times that the nsa got it wrong. for instance, they thought that they were monitoring calls with with 20 area code. 20 is an international calling code. but somebody put in 202. that's washington, d.c. so they were intercepting americans' calls, the wrong calls, not who they thought they were listening to. >> he we are assuming two things one that these were inadvertent mistakes, most of them, two. that this is the sum total of the number of times that americans are spied on. we don't know either one of those things. we are assuming them. what we do know for certain is they kept this information from anybody in an oversight position which is a violation of the spirit certainly of the constitution. probably a violation of the law and a big deal. does intent matter? i don't know does intent matter when i get pulled over for speeding? does intent matter if i
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don't pay all my taxes. those are violations for which i am punished. this whole they didn't mean to do it, who cares, they did it they are spying on americans. in so doing it infuriated some democrats. patrick leahy the longest serving member of the senate. >> alisyn: along, this issue crosses all boundaries or blurs the lines between democrats and republicans many people don't like the idea of being spied on. people on both sides. yesterday i interviewed a former cia agent was like look, we need the nsa surveillance. that's how we bust up terrorist plots. nonpartisan. how you feel about it. >> the other side of this you have all of these republicans and democrats going right now in the summer and back in their home districts and they are talking to individuals there and hearing from people who are complaining what is going on with big brother and this government? yes, we are concerned about the economy and yes, we are concerned about this. we don't want our government spying on us.
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dennis kucinich is outraged actually at the administration. is he a democrat. listen. it's time the government stop spying and stop lying. the government hasn't given the correct story about this since the beginning. fourth amendment annihilated has an effect on first amendment. saying things or putting notes on the internet that might cause the government to start looking over their shoulder. this is not the america that most of us grew up in and believe in. >> clayton: so when he -- when the president to tucker's point earlier says that we should trust the executive branch, we are doing everything in our power to make sure we are being transparent, it's simply not true there are two reasons why this is not true. number one is, they kept did from the american people. actually three reasons. the american people are important. they kept it from congress, also. and they kept the very things that the fisa court is supposed to oversee from the fisa court.
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the documents, the audit supposed to be presented to congress they never did. never gave it to the fisa court and american people don't know about it there is your transparency. >> not all democrats upset about it. the left wing of the democratic party to their great credit, ron why den, dennis kucinich, they're upset. >> alisyn: let's talk about other things that the president is doing that has certainly republicans upset. that is the president has basically decided with some evidence that congress is dysfunctional i believe is the administration's word, at least they are proving to be obstructionsist to the things that he feels needs to be done in the country. he has gone around them in many cases. here are some examples of things that the president has done. we will start with obama irca. you know, he has made some of these mandates delayed because they didn't think that they could work out the kinks in time for october 1st. so, without the authorization of congress, he has done many of these things that we'll outline for you. >> so he has changed the healthcare law without
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congressional approval, that is, of course, suspending the penalties for corporations that don't play along. he has ordered new cell phone taxes to pay for pet program installing wi-fi in schools. >> he is overruling congress on the drug war sentencing. we heard from attorney general eric holder on that. so changing the sentencing for the amount of drugs seized during operations. those go against laws that are already on the books. >> alisyn: then you know he did the dream act where he basically gave amnesty to young, illegal immigrants who were brought here through no fault of their own before that they were 18 years old, so he did that through the dream act. you any, lots of people are saying he is doing an end run around congress. that's not how it is supposed to work. the administration is saying: i have to do that because they are so dysfunctional that they can't actually get anything done. >> tucker: they are in the way of this whole three-part government. so inefficient. so much easier if you let
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the dear leader do what he he wants. where are democrats in congress? this is an insult not just to republicans but to anybody serving in either chamber of congress. he is blowing right past. >> alisyn: many presidents do executive orders. >> tucker: they all want to do it. >> alisyn: president clinton did many executive orders. this is not unprecedented or unheard of. it sounds like what president obama has decided to do. >> clayton: members of congress for the first time vocally say they are from us straighted. this their job. this is what they were brought to washington in the first place. let us know what you think on twitter. muslims planning million muslim march set to take place on, get, this 9/11. they say they are the real victims of the attack. doctor weighs in on that next. >> tucker: imagine coming face-to-face with enormous black bear like this one. one michigan teen out for a
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this was me. then i found dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics. they reduce the impact on my lower body. so i feel less pain and more energized. dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics-- pain relief that starts with your feet. i'm a believer. million muslims march and it's designed to demand social justice from theist government is this an insult to the thousands killed on that day or are they just trying to raise awareness? joining us with the president on the americans for forum for item casey author of the book dr. judy jasser, one of our favorites join us. what does it mean for demand for social justice? >> they are saying that because muslims have been portrayed as the villains
3:18 am
after 9/11. i mean, seriously? our government has been asleep. they have given muslims the pass, actually, encountering the ideology. this country gives us more freedom than any so-called muslim crun country and now seriously as fort hood trial is happening. instead of marching on the steps of that courthouse and saying we demand that he get the death penalty and we demand that he we fix our own house, we're blaming the country that's actually been silent on radical islam over 350 arrests on terrorism. almost 90% of them have been muslim. there are a bunch of truthers tucker by the way look at their own statements and radio program not only the organizer but his buddies kevin barrett and isa huck. have a ton of interviews where they say that 9/11 was a zionist conspiracy. a false flag operation. the adl identified these guys as some of the most
3:19 am
virulent anti-sem might nationally. they are trying to get some screen time. it's really just frustrating beyond belief to see them just so dishonor the families and the horrors that we had on 9/11. we as muslims should be standing up to marginalize these guys not only as nut case truthers but actually to tell america that it's our responsibility to fix now the greatest threat in the world is terrorism. the middle east is on fire from radical islam and muslim dictators and others and we are blaming america? seriously? >> tucker: america and zionist conspiracy. how insulting too to the families of those killed on that day to stage that kind of event on 9/11. >> it really is. and, you know, this shows that in this environmentment if we are apeefsinging the ideologies that radicalize muslims. they will sort of take and it run with it saying we are going to be more in their face and try to put them on the defense and be
3:20 am
more anti-american and put america and the defense intellectually. and this is what happens. so either we take them on it domestically and abroad or see them become more bold, insulting us in our face. this should awaken american muslims. not just these few players but groups like the council on american islamic relations. director is supposedly speaking. muslim america society is speaking. this is brder. rather than stay silent we should demand that these groups either apologize and say they have nothing to do with this and start to counter this narrative that actually, tucker is a narrative that is radicalizing our community and is creating radicals like nidal hasan. >> tucker: as a faithful muslim who must love this country it must drive you bonkers. >> it does. >> tucker: thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> tucker: water out of a kitchen faucet catching on
3:21 am
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>> clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. iraq wants to use u.s. drones to it fight al qaeda. a year and a half after kicking out of the country. top diplomats say they need to help fight a growing tears threat. the country also asking the u.s. for counter terror advisors to help with surveillance and analyzing intelligence. and convicted killer jodi arias hosting a book club behind bars. she is sharing her reviews via twitter, offering up her opinions on classics like to kill a mocking
3:25 am
bird. areas is in jail awaiting her fate for murdering her ex-boyfriend. aly? controversial film series gas land allegations about fracking. many say are are just plane false. now the film maker behind that two part series is facing more agencies of misleading the public. our next guest says he is prove both films are fueled with lies. joining us from energy in-depth is steve everily, hi, steve. >> hi, how are you doing? >> doing well. we reported on this program many times that there was something misleading in the first gas land. the film makers made it seem as though the folks in this community where fracking existed could light their tap water on fire. there you go. we are sloping a clip of it. it turns out that they have been able to light their tap water on fire for decades long before fracking came to their town because there is some gas in their water. so that was the first gas
3:26 am
land that was then revealed as being misleading. what's happening in gas land 2, the second part of this series? >> well, is he back with the same antics, the director jeff fox. the first one the scene that you just showed there was out in colorado two years before that movie was ever released, colorado regulators actually investigated it and determined it had nothing to do with oil and gas activity. they couldn't have been more clear. and in gas land part 2, the iconic scene of the flaming hose where a guy lights his garden hose on fire and we are supposed to believe that the water is on fire. the problem is that he has hooked that up to a gas vent, a judge had actually determined that they had made a deceptive video. they worked together with a consultant to get epa involved with that case. once again state regular gators determined it was not due to oil and gas activity. iconic scene in his movies has been debunked i do state and federal regulators.
3:27 am
when the film maker is pointed out and misleading what's his response. >> he just kind of changes the subject. this something we have seen over and over again. not just josh fox but folks against frackinging. they leveraged a the loved me attention for it if the end if they get called on it and get questioned it actually turns out there is no evidence to support them or at least not any evidence to support what they are trying to suggest is the cause of this. >> and did they think that we wouldn't figure this out? i mean, did they think that folks like you and your organization wouldn't go back and find the paperwork and call them on it? >> i think that's probably what they hoped. but, i think what you have to realize here is that a lot of the people making these videos and making these kind of movies and claims in the public are just opposed to oil and gas activity. and they found this word fracking which sounds like something you wouldn't say to your grandmother. [ laughter ] and they have sort of leveraged that to say well everything oil and gas is fracking. by the way, they ignore all
3:28 am
of the environmental benefits that hydraulic. natural gas been released by hydraulic fractures. 0 year low because of natural gas. people are breathing cleaner air. opec is scared of shell development in the united states, because they are taking their market share. there are a lot of benefits to this. they just categorically ignore all of those and want to oppose oil and gas government. they throw this word fracking out there as much as possible and hope the public doesn't figure it out. >> steve everily you can use the f word on our show at any time as long as it's fracking. thanks so much for explaining all of. this thank you. coming up, she went face to face with evil and she survived to tell her story. the shocking testimony from the sergeant who was shot and went shot for shot with the alleged fort hood killer. plus, another week, another video. come on. no. this is does say anything about women drivers. one woman can't get out of
3:29 am
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>> this video has gone viral and sort of reinforces stereotypes about women driving this woman caught on camera in her garage couldn't get out o. own problem. >> that can't be her own garage. >> has to call reinforcement her husband. >> alisyn: this does no such thing to reinforce the stereotype. >> tucker: this is worth it. >> alisyn: one woman can't back up does not say anything about female drivers, in fact, there have been been studies women get into fewer accidents because we have less road rage than men. >> tucker: i hesitate to weigh in on this but my
3:34 am
commitment. i myself am a bad dryer. i in no way. i drive too fast and i pay no attention. my wife who at least once a year runs into something almost always in reverse. >> alisyn: where is she going in reverse. >> i don't know. she doesn't pay attention. just throws it in reverse slams the foot on the accelerator talking to the kids on the phone or whatever. >> clayton: once again reinforces the proof that women are bad drivers. >> alisyn: i beg to differ but go on. >> this was marie and gretchen having to parallel park. >> alisyn: which one is gretchen? >> it matters because i'm the best parallel parker on earth. i will take you both down. >> no way. >> i don't care about a "fox & friends" monday through friday competition. the weekend competition is what i would like to see. >> it's a throw down.
3:35 am
we will do it here on the show. >> alisyn: let's do it. i will parallel parallel park your face off. >> clayton: three weeks time we're going to do a driving competition. the three of us. >> alisyn: can i do it now blindfolded. >> tucker: i literally couldn't parallel park a motorcycle. you will beat me in that. there is no question about it. >> the general truth remains that a lot of women are dangerous drivers. >> alisyn: based on what? >> based on the truth. lived it come on. >> based on this videotape. >> tucker: thank you for bringing in science. >> this is a woman doing a drivers test. drivers test video. i don't know if she passed that test. can you imagine her instructor like let's take that again. >> you know, you usually get like 3 things you are
3:36 am
allowed to do wrong on the test. i think maybe she had two -- she was fine. >> tucker: you are anomaly this and so many other ways. >> alisyn: i'm a great driver and i will take you both down when we have our -- >> clayton: here is another piece of video tucker asked me for science. here is another woman parallel parking. >> alisyn: by woman you you mean maria molina? >> no, this is another woman survey sampling. >> alisyn: is somebody driving down the road the wrong way? look. men can be bad. women can be bad. we would love to hear your thoughts on it. find us on twitter. >> tucker: don't strike the tone of moral relativism that we are all bad. some of us are worse. >> alisyn: up like you. >> clayton: i have told the story my wife when she drives down the street she taps the gas the whole time and the brake the whole time. her sister calls her brake centers. she drives with two feet
3:37 am
tapping each of them. >> alisyn: i will say. this i'm a fantastic driver, possibly the best in the country. i will take anyone on. i'm a horrible passenger. worse passenger ever. do you see that other car braking? you might want top slow down. taking this too fast. >> clayton: grip and randomly. >> i do the imaginary pedal on my side of the brake aclay that's what my mom used to do when i was learning how to drive. put her foot on the fake pedal to stop. >> alisyn: that's what i do. >> clayton: let us know how you feel about ff weekend conclusive evidence that women are in fact bad drivers. weigh in on that. >> alisyn: headlines now. a woman was shot dead, another one hurt after a man took over a colorado neighborhood with a gun and some makeshift bombs. >> two propane tanks in the middle of the street. >> i need a rifle from the northeast side. look at this guy.
3:38 am
>> police say those propane tanks were rigged with gunpowder ready to be set off. that's abused shooter 31-year-old tried to do as police approached him. an officer shot him when he fired at the tank. the bomb squad then diffused the other tank. no official word on his relationship to the women. but it's believed one of them was his wife. he is now facing murder charges. new over night. divers frantically searching for survivors of a ferry boat crash in the philippines. carrying more than 700 people. it hit a cargo ship and then sank. 28 people are confirmed dead. more than 200 are still missing. and face to face once again dramatic testimony from a former police officer who was on the scene during the 2009 fort hood massacre. kimberly munley told jurors that she blindly exchanged gunfire with the admitted shooter nidal hasan. she also told the court that her partner eventually took the suspect down after her own gun malfunctioned.
3:39 am
hasan is representing himself and could face the death penalty if convicted. the hearing is set to resume on monday. and a 12-year-old girl survives a horrifying bear attack in michigan. saving her life. she played dead. abby whetherall was jogging when she saw a black bear. she tried to run away but it caught her, knock aring her down. that's when she decided to lay there and play dead. a neighbor heard her screams and ran for the father. chased the bear off. recovering from her injuries. >> i have always heard that's the thing to do to lay down and play dead. i saw a black bear a week ago with my family just walking along and i thought i have got to run. >> alisyn: what are you supposed to do? >> tucker: biggest study of pear attacks ever conducted just came out and concluded that playing dead maybe works sometimes but overall it doesn't. it actually don't want to show weakness. you want to fight back and hit them in the nose. and you want to say a prayer because you are
3:40 am
probably toast either way. people who fought back were more likely to survive. >> clayton: interesting. >> alisyn: good to he know. >> clayton: carry a billy club in your pocket. people probably heading out to camp sites because it's so beautiful. >> tucker: don't you make your self-big and loud. >> tucker: not so different from people really. >> clayton: if you are maria molina you are a bear's lunch. >> rick: that's true. take a look at the weather maps. a really spectacular weekend for a lot of people. one trouble spot but for the most part looking at a pretty nice weekend. temps weak waking up. all the way across the plains even down towards dallas. 68 degrees as you are waking up. 50s across the great lakes. one more cool weekend this cool pattern that even with in. a spectacular pattern for a lot of people. some people saying we want some summer temperatures. some beach temperatures. not yet this weekend but it's coming back. enjoy this weekend if you like the cool and if you like the warm get ready by
3:41 am
wednesday and thursday. have temps back into the mid and upper 80's for a lot of northeast and great lakes. down across the southeast. this is where the trouble spot is. it's that rain across areas of the southeast. in atlanta, take a look at that only 69 degrees. it's august. that just does not happen there. that's where you will at very heavy rainfall will be as well. mostly so the south of atlanta. in towards the northern plains, some 80's and some sunshine. out across the west, heat returns. a slight chance for monsoonal showers. for the most part that's drying out just a little bit right now also. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. >> thank you, sir. coming up here on the show did jlo's boyfriend spill the beans whether she will return to "american idol." new developments overnight. >> tucker: battlefield to board room. energy shot worth millions. ohio he is giving back to veterans coming up.
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3:45 am
>> clayton: welcome back. 44 minutes past the hour. cvs change carding policy. it would not sell nail polish remover under 18 years of age acetone found in the remover. company reversing the decision after outcry from customers. familiar face returning to the judge's table? >> we can do anything we want. give it up. give it up. >> clayton: yellow lipstick. aly should try that jennifer lopez will apparently be back for 13th season. boyfriend let it slip during recent interview. no word from the idol executives yet. what do you think? >> alisyn: i like the nails but not the lipstick so i'm not going to try it thanks
3:46 am
anyway. >> tucker: on tour in afghanistan one marine saw the need for a supplement that could help troops regain their energy on the front lines. >> alisyn: an idea was born and from the battlefield to the board room he got some moguls to bite and invest in the idea on the show shark tank. watch this. >> at this typical missions fos last up to a week or more. the only food we have is the food we carry with us. because of, this virtually all of us are taking some sort of supplement or energy shot. the energy shots that are out right now suck. they suck. they boost you up, and then they bring you right down with a crash. in that environment, lives can be lost if you are not operating at 100%. a team of marines created rock pack. >> compelling. >> alisyn: cool. >> tucker: joining us from d.c. to share his success store and it has been a success. nutrition and creator of rubbing pack major dyer.
3:47 am
thank you for joining us this morning. >> absolutely. my pleasure. thanks, guys. >> tucker: this is amazing story. not only have you been successful but have you decided from the very outset to give back to veterans. tell us how you are doing that. >> well, we gave back from the very beginning. both my family and friends and families that i have worked with before have been recipients from these military charities. these nonprofits. we always knew we were going to give back. now we give back to the people like the marsok foundation and navy seal foundation. because i'm able to speak with those people and i know and i have seen firsthand where that money has gone back to. >> alisyn: so great. >> the company is 80% veteran owned as well. literally every time you buy you are helping a vet. >> alisyn: what's in your energy drink? >> vitamins, minerals, we have got our own proprietary blend there will. >> alisyn: what makes it different? >> it's different well, first of all, it's caffeine free and this is a health z shot.
3:48 am
peak performance nutrition shot. this is something that your body actually is supposed to have as opposed to something going there and disrupting your nervous system like caffeine intends to do. caffeine free because we don't want the jitters and we give you energy naturally from vitamins and minerals that your body wants anyway. >> you put a valuation of about $5 million on this company already and it's pretty much a brand new enterprise so congratulations there. >> thank you. >> tucker: given your experience after coming back from afghanistan. what advice would you give to returning veterans about how to become being successful in the private sector? >> tons of advice. so go to our web site. go to rough and look he up, find a way to get ahold of me. there are some things that are directly applicable to running a business. your discipline, your military discipline, the way we are able to follow orders. able to follow a plan and stick to it a lot of that becomes translatable to owning a business or running a business or a franchise. absolutely give it a go. a lot of our characteristics as military
3:49 am
performance translate straight into that business world. >> alisyn: as a morning show hosts we need energy infusion so we are open to any of your suggestions for what sorts of supplements and nutrition and if we could try your energy drink that would be great, too. >> i will tell you what. thanks, ally. i also don't like yellow lipstick but i wanted to be there -- i'm hugely bummed i can't be there. my wife is about to deliver. as soon as she does, and everybody is good, i'm going to come up and deliver some rubbing pack to you. >> alisyn: that's great. congratulations. let us he know what happens at the exact moment and tell us all about the baby, okay? >> it's a little gross so you don't want to know these things. >> tucker: they are the best. >> alisyn: thanks so much. great to see you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: looking forward to seeing you up here. >> tucker: government is pushing black boxes in cars but the manufacturer of that technology has a serious warning for you. >> alisyn: hillary clinton being called out. one congressman claims the
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> clayton: welcome back, starting this september, black boxes could be coming to a road near you. and while this means more crash data to enhance vehicle safety. some say it could open a pandora's box of fourth amendment rights violations. joining us to weigh in is thomas, the chair of the -- excuse me, he is the chair of iee global standards. the designer of the black
3:54 am
boxes in cars. nice to see you this morning, tom, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. good morning to you. >> clayton: you created this. but you have a the will concerns in which the government could use this data. what are you concerned about. >> my view is that when you purchase a motor vehicle when you buy a car or a light truck, you own more than just a vehicle. you own the electronic data that the vehicle generates and stores. and because you own the data, that means that you have a right, a fourth amendment right to protect that and to do so, all you have to do is stand that something in your vehicle is very private and very important and then you sort of secure access to that material. and, therefore, you would be exhorting your fourth amendment expectation of privacy. >> what is currently on the books now with the federal government? if i have a black box in my car and we should mention that 96% of new cars have
3:55 am
these black boxes in them. if i'm in an accident now, does the government have access to it that? >> it depends on your zip code. 14 states have i-the rest of america is the wild, wild west. so, it depends on really what you crash at. each in those 14 states that have protection, it's very, very limited as far as the vehicle owner is concerned. >> clayton: you know what the concern is that this might be used for blackmail purposes or if the government, one agency had this information over sitting members of congress and members of the supreme court that this could be used dependence them. do you agree? >> maybe. but i think the bigger issue is that this technology will effect 300 million americans that are around right now and generations and generations of vehicle owners to come. so it's probably one of the biggest regulations that the united states department of transportation has ever ever taken on.
3:56 am
yet, there is very little public disclosure about it. so i think it's important that the american public understand that they have some possibilities here of securing your data. >> clayton: i want to mention you didn't meet with the white house two days after the recent election. you also testified in front of the senate. you have a plan to keep this data safe. what is that? >> well, i have a company in southern pines north carolina that makes a product. and i have it in my hands here if i can humbly show it. it's -- i just dropped it. one second. sorry about that. it's a mechanical device that goes on to this plug which is in your vehicle. everybody in america has this thing on the left here and on the right is the product that i have and all do you is put it on and turn the key. and when you turn the key therefore you are exerting your fourth amendment expectation of privacy and everything changes. so it's a great benefit to
3:57 am
the vehicle owner. >> clayton: tom, unfortunately we are out of time. we are hoping they are paying attention to you. the design of black boxes in cars. we appreciate you joining us from raleigh. >> thank you. >> clayton: thanks, tom. more "fox & friends" coming up in two minutes. now add the dodge part. ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. (gasp) nope. aw! guys! grrrr let's leave the deals to (nice bear!)
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[ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. trble hearing on the phone? buy one get four free for your business. visit >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday, august 17th. i'm alisyn camerota. remember when hillary clinton yelled in front of congress? >> the fact is, we have four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would kill some americans. what difference, at this point does it make? >> alisyn: i don't call that yelling. italians yell differently it does seem she was screaming behind closed doors why she reportedly went after a congressman for calling benghazi a terrorist attack. we will explain that. >> tucker: does government have a right to take your fingerprints if you live on
4:01 am
their dime? mayor bloomberg says yes. others say it's the beginning of a police state. what do you think? >> clayton: plus, definitely days he they will never forget. my favorite video of the week is coming up. a bride and groom's photo shoot is a failure. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now hello there, this is grover from sesame street. do you know the way to "fox & friends"? mups up are are this morning watching us. >> alisyn: we are doing a child theme. first my daughter at 6:00 a.m. stay tuned for her at 8:00. >> the drone that hit the groom in the face. i got to go behind the scenes of the national drone convention in washington, d.c. i saw drones just like this
4:02 am
take you behind the scenes. >> alisyn: you survived it? >> clayton: i survived it most people in washington would be classified as drones i would say that was my experience. we want to get right to your headlines because we do have a fox news alert if you are just waking up. security is tight and tensions are high in egypt after another blood bath standoff protesters and police turns deadly again. in downtown cairo flames consumed dozens of builds and gunfire erupted in the streets. [shouting and gunfire] more than 100 people were killed friday as the muslim brotherhood took to the streets in defiance of a military imposed state of emergency. traumatic video shows protesters jumping from a bridge to escape gun fire. street battles raged throughout residential neighborhoods. the muslim brotherhood vows daily protests. so far more than 700 people have been killed in this
4:03 am
week's violence. a crash involving a bus full of people headed to epcot park turns deadly. rear ended a 63-year-old woman's car she was taken to the hospital where she later died. two people on the bus were treated for minor injuries. witnesses tell police the car was stopped in the middle of the road and the bus could not break in time. brand new details in that deadly u.p.s. cargo plane crash. the black box revealing the pilots received warnings just seconds before the plane crashed that they were descending too quickly. the plane crashed bursting into flames less than a mile from the runway. killing both pilots. also new overnight, alex rodriguez denies a 60 minutes report that members of his inner circle ratted out ryan brawn and even his teammate catcher francisco sherrivelly for using performance enhancing drugs. february after the miami
4:04 am
new times published documents implicating a rod in the baseball stayed scandal. >> it's not true. i spoke to surevelly this morning. had a positive conversation. he understands it's not true and we're on the same page. >> alisyn: this as braun is reportedly ready to come clean. his family members telling "u.s.a. today" that the brewers' slugger has sent apology letters to baseball officials and might make a public announcement soon. braun is serving a 65-game suspension. those are your headlines. >> clayton: now to someone who has never been suspended for a single day. >> alisyn: but should be. >> rick: i was about to be. people doing our studio outside space is close to the inside space. i was sprinting and had 20 seconds to get my breath and now my time for weather is used up on that silly
4:05 am
story. >> clayton: doping scandal. >> thanks for outing me on that. take a look at the weather maps. a few things going on o. mostly what we're talking about, a the love rain. in fact, over the as couple of days we have seen around four inches of rain across parts of south georgia and panhandle of florida. that wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't had one of the rainiest summers that we have seen across the south. you get all of that rain and it doesn't have any place to go now. it is fully saturated. this is from columbus, georgia. take a look at that a man having to wade through the streets. tropical moisture going to continue to be pulled up into the area. as you go back to the weather maps, can you see the very heavy rain that's falling across the southeast. potentially we will see a little bit of tropical development from this system down across the central gulf, but i don't think anything big, the big story from it will be bands of moisture that continue to be pulled in toward the southeast. sometimes we will see a quick inch an hour, two
4:06 am
inches in a couple of hours and that will cause more flooding. all weekend long across areas of the southeast. not really seeing much summer yet. bad time to be at the beaches there all right, guys. back to you inside. >> well done. your performance enhancing drugs are working well. >> yes, they are going on a rage. >> clayton: another member of the obama administration being accused of a little bit of rage lately. flying a little off the handle recently. you remember back when hillary clinton was sitting there at that benghazi testimony. this was a few weeks after she had fallen and had that concussion and we were waiting and waiting and waiting to get some information out of her. well, when she was asked a very pointed question, she had this sort of inflammatory response. listen. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> alisyn: well, congressman adam kensinger
4:07 am
says that something predated that and was sort of foreshadowing for that. they were in a classified briefing of members of congress and hillary clinton. and this was two days after the benghazi attack. the september 13th, 2012. and that someone there, he wouldn't say, who a different member of congress, suggested that the benghazi attack was a terrorist attack. and that in this closed door meeting, hillary clinton screamed at the person, i mean, these are his words, and said how dare you suggest that, that it was a terrorist attack. here is congressman kensinger explaining that transaction. >> basically, in a very loud, angry voice says it's irresponsible to even suggest this is a terror attack. this is a youtube video. we know that there are protests all over and we need to be very careful in how we are saying this and basically chided this member of congress. it was really, to me, you know, i actually sat there in that meeting and believed well, the secretary actually believes
4:08 am
this is a youtube video because of how passionately she is arguing it. now we find out well, we knew but we find out that they knew it the whole time attack including when it was happening to. me, it's as a military member, you know, i would like to think that my country would never leave me in a bad situation. they tell us that when i went to survival training. secondly if i do happen to die in service to my country. i would think that my country would not deny me of having the honor in having service war on terror based on service in youtube video. that's where we were leading in the beginning until the evidence stacked up when they knew from the very beginning this was an organized terror attack. the sign from the very beginning that they were lying about this and they were was the absolute certainty with which they laid these attacks at the door of the youtube video. two days after. when you can't be certain of anything, i have covered a lot of crimes you don't know two days after with certainty what happened. they were certain it was these youtube videos. keep in mind, this was in the middle of a presidential campaign.
4:09 am
this was the final stretch of the president's re-election campaign during which he had again and again said al qaeda is on the run. >> clayton: right. and we know from those memos. those redacted portions of those memos and things crossed out and notes in the margin that terrorism was lay laid out in those memos and removed from that then a few days later when susan rice goes on national television saying saying this s not an organized attack. we now know even a few weeks ago that this was organized and we know that there was probably information about missiles that these folks were after that al qaeda members of al qaeda may have been trying to go to this embassy and the consulate to try to get access to 400 missiles. >> people watched in realtime from the united states as these supposed protesters fired rocket propelled grenades at the consulate in benghazi. it wasn't a protest. come on. >> alisyn: meanwhile, there is another program that we want to tell you about that's happening in new york city. figure out what you think about this. mayor bloomberg has decided that for people in public housing, he has a plan that
4:10 am
they would have to be fingerprinted or they would actually use their fingerprints to be able to enter their housing complexes. he says that this is to cut down on crime that sometimes the doors don't work, the locks don't work. people unsavory characters are coming in and out through all hours of the night. and the people who live there are in danger. so, to cut down on crime, they would use their fingerprints. of course, you know, that means fingerprinting everyone who is on -- who is in public housing. is that constitutional? do you like that idea? would they go along with that idea? >> clayton: it's not clear where this information will be held and kept. of course that's always what the government says. we may not have this information on file. we don't know that we are going to keep it on file. mayor bloomberg speaking out about this yesterday. here is his take on it. >> if you have strangers walking in the halls of your apartment building, don't you want somebody to stop and say who are you? why are are you here? because the locks on these doors with some people coming and going, you really can't. what we wanted to do.
4:11 am
>> swipe cards or any other security. >> what we really should have is fingerprinting to get in. >> well, look, this is a perfect bloomberg idea. bloomberg of course is a authoritarian whose one of his goals is instinct is to control other people's lives. on the other hand, you know, you shouldn't be living in public housing for your entire life. you are living at public expense. you give up rights when you do that. >> clayton: you are taking money from the government, you are living on the government's taxpayer dollars, we are paying for that should drug kingpins be able to roll in and out of apartment complexes on a taxpayer dime? >> alisyn: what is he saying and i think it's accurate is that it is for people's own safety. that people who live there. they are not saying they live there for their whole life for the time being you live in public housing don't you want your building to be secure? >> tucker: everything is for your safety. bloomberg is for this because he drives deep pleasure from controlling other people. but, the principle remains the same no matter who the
4:12 am
mayor is. >> clayton: he derives great pleasure. >> tucker: he gets off on controlling people. that's why he bent the rules to become mayor for a third term. you give up rights to live on public expense. another incentive to get off the dole of public housing. >> alisyn: people running to replace mayor bloomberg in the new york city mayoral race say it's disgraceful, disrespectful, unconstitutional. you are not allowed to just be fingerprinted willie nilly just because you happen to be on public housing oare public assistance. i think if you ask them that they would want their building secure. >> what about what we want? we're the ones paying for it i get to control in my house because i pay for it do you want a retinal scan? >> people who live there i don't think it's a good idea or not. >> make sure it's a good idea. >> the next iphone coming out in september will have a fingerprint scanner to unlock the iphone you
4:13 am
have to stab -- tap with with your finger to unlock it this is the future. maybe of key technology. >> or your iphone taking over your life. [ laughter ] >> clayton: coming up on the show new report says the nsa broke privacy rules nearly 3,000 times. has edward snowden forced the president into trans (self he has been trying to avoid. peelt is here next. don't say his name quickly or you will screw it up like did i. >> tucker: plus -- >> alisyn: 'ow. >> tucker: that's the best video you will see all day. the wedding photo shoot that turned out horribly wrong. >> clayton: bring a drone to your wedding that's what's going to happen.
4:14 am
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post report shows that agencies grossly mismanaged them. u.s. audited identified under 3,000 incidents in violation of those rules from april to 2001 to march of 2012 just in one years. the post says they got the reports from nsa leaker edward snowden. do we have to thank for this privacy debate. pete, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. so the president says that he was working on reforms behind the scenes to the nsa. without supporting snowden, would you concede that he did force the president to become more transparent?
4:18 am
he absolutely did force the president. he was treason ous the veneer this administration has had since the beginning. the president walked into the oval office trust me. i'm not going to surveil the way they did. i'm going to roll back the war powers. behind the scenes what he did was not continue them but double down on them in surveillance. and then can americans to trust him. we have seen from the irs, to benghazi to a.p. and what has been revealed through nsa all they have done instead is push their tentacles out more into the private lives of americans while telling americans we are not at war. they know we are but in doing so they are eroding privacy protection. >> tucker: then they hid it from the congress which has the a constitutional obligation to provide oversight of what they are doing. how scary is it that a federal agency could act independently of everyone, do whatever it wants and then hide its mistakes? >> very scary. you know, tucker, either we are a nation of laws or we
4:19 am
are a nation of men. and what you see from this -- our founders understood that men are not angels. so if you are just saying trust us and we don't need the safeguards it, will be abused regardless of the administration. so, congressional oversight is critical to this. because executives have very little incentive to side on the side of liberty. they are going to say we are going to do everything we can to secure our people. and it's congress' job to say well in doing are you trampling on constitution and undermining civil liberties. security is important but my goodness what are we fighting for? we are fighting for the freedom and liberty we should all enjoy and privacy we want to all expect while at the same time giving executives appropriate powers necessary to fight a vicious enemy in al qaeda that is trying to use whatever they can to infiltrate the united states. >> tucker: unfortunately, i think this scandal and all of these scandals make americans cynical about the war on terror. that's probably not a good thing. you get the sense from the administration and frankly from some members of congress, even some republicans that they
4:20 am
belief their intentions are so pure that it's outrageous for you. each to question them. >> yeah. do you get that sense. hey, we are the ones that are serious about the threat. we are the ones doing everything possible to protect you and, you know, i believe that they believe that. they want to secure america. i do, too. but we have to consistently revisit this balance between security and liberty. if we don't, we give away, the safety to the state and they are going to run rampant with it. >> shut up and obey. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, tucker. >> we telling you about thousands of immigrants getting into america despite using a key word. now it turns out the situation was worse than we originally thought. we will bring you the horrifying details. and we go one on one with the former queen of talk. what oprah has to say about her first movie role in 15 years. buckle your seat belt. amazing news from the world of oprah. holly smokes coming up. stay tuned.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
alisyn? >> alisyn: all right, i will bid on it. well, it's been 15 years since she was last on the big screen but oprah winfrey is coming back in one of the year's post powerful films. lee daniels, the butler. so for more let's step into the fox light with michael tammera. this moving is getting a lot of buzz. >> it's inspired by a real life butler who served over the presidents. 2008 from the point of view of african-americans which is actually a first. it's oprah winfrey's big movie. big return to the big screen after 15 years since 1998's beloved. and we had a chance to sit down with her one on one. and talked about how, you know, she approached the role, she is oprah. media mogul.
4:26 am
a boss. it's a chance for her to step into a supporting role. when we sat down with her, she told us how she did that. >> alisyn: let's watch. >> i actually used, you know, an acting coach in the very beginning because i wasn't sure i could pull it off. when she came in and saw me and she said exactly the same thing you did, michael. she said i would have thought that oprah, you know, bu woman, -- -- -- that you would not have the vulnerable spaces still left wide open that you do. >> yeah. >> as long as you can tap into that vulnerability, you will be able to find gloria in there. >> alisyn: great, michael. first of all she is calling you by your first name. >> hey, we had a moment. we connected. >> alisyn: you must have. because she is telling you something about being vulnerable. she is calling you michael. is oprah just like that, when you are in her presence, what's it like. >> she is so charismatic and very giving when you sit down she knows what you need as an interviewer and
4:27 am
she works it greets you at the door, calls out your name. when we carried on i went in there like hey, my typicalself. shes is weable like what the heck am i getting in with. they give you four minutes. very strict with it her and i went on six and a half. they kept going like this. i am not interrupting oprah winfrey. do you it. but she was great. we sat down for the whole cast. lenny craf vits. you can catch all those interviews in the fox celebrity buzz fox light michael. >> alisyn: now you are talking like oprah. >> aly c. >> alisyn: we look forward to seeing those interviews. people that her child had cancer but even convinced the 4-year-old herself that she was sick. all part of a money making scam. the disturbing details next. and snow on the. [ applause ]
4:28 am
in the middle of august. yes, what is going on here? we're going to turn the temperature down this morning. and have a snow ball fight. ♪ and they called it puppy love ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
4:29 am
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>> clayton: that's my favorite piece of video. >> alisyn: that's horrible. >> clayton: it's your shot of the morning. this is a wedding shoot. the photographer set them up. we are going to use, i have a remote controlled drone equipped with a go pro camera on the bottom of it shoot and do a fly over camera shot. and he was flying the drone just a tad too low. [ laughter ] just two days before their wedding. >> tucker: this wasn't their wedding? call me superstitious if it happened on the wedding it would seem like foreshadowing. >> clayton: good luck like a bird goes to the bathroom on you. clay. >> alisyn: i don't know if there is that old wives tale about drone strikes. have to update it are people just using drones for everything nowadays?
4:33 am
>> tucker: i bet you this guy is an opponent of the obama administration policy. tuck. >> alisyn: on his web site photograph services. >> tucker: who would want that anyway drone footage of your wedding? >> alisyn: wedding become the packages you pick. five 8 by 10s and a drone video. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: also like to know what happened to the couple. did they fall over suffer a concussion got hit in the head. pretty light. made out of styrofoam. >> tucker: the stinger missile does weigh them down. >> clayton: i'm sure is he okay. >> alisyn: give us a call, groom if you are all right. dramatic scene unfolding inside a colorado neighborhood after a shoots two women killing one of them and sets off a bomb. >> two propane tanks in the middle of the street.
4:34 am
>> i need a rifle up from the north side or northeast side. look at this guy. >> alisyn: police say those propane tanks were rigged with gunpowder ready to go off. 31-year-old was shot by police when he fired at the tank. the bomb squad then diffused the other tank. no official word on his relationship to the women but it's believed one of them was his wife. he is now facing murder charges. the husband lost their lives courageously battling that massive wildfire in arizona. now another widow is coming forward to speak out about being denied benefits. >> all deserved equal treatment because they all made the same ultimate sacrifice. >> alisyn: baby who is due in december is appealing for help. she was told she was not entitled to benefits because her husband billy, who was also a marine veteran did not work full time. he was one of the 19 mountain hot shot firefighters who died in the june wildfire. 12 other families are also not getting full benefits.
4:35 am
well, requests for asylum in the united states along the southwest border have more than dubilityd over the last three years. immigrants are apparently seeking legal entry into the country by claiming fear of persecution back home. according to the department of homeland security, so-called credible fear claims reached nearly 15,000 by the end of june, compared to about 7,000 claims in 2011. the numbers too not include additional asylum requests filed by immigrants who are already in the u.s. and a truly disturbing story. a mother lies about her 4-year-old having cancer in order to get thousands of dollars in donations. she even left a little girl believe that she herself had the the disease. april winkler of utah now behind bars for fraud. police say she told people that her daughter had leukemia. she collected $3,000. it turned out the girl's medical records show no signs of cancer. those are your headlines. >> clayton: digest that one. check in with rick
4:36 am
reichmuth who is outside. a look at the first alert forecast. rrp. >> rick: it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> clayton: i understand there is snow on the plaza? >> rick: there is. talk about the weather there were is not snow going on. desperately could use snow out parts of the west. in towards idaho a number of fires burning in the pacific northwest. drought going on. beaver creek fire to the east of boise and it's burned almost 65,000 acres. it's only got 6% containment and 1200 homes that have had to be evacuated from this fire that's going on there. so, a rough go of it. no big help for the weather there, either. we're going to see warm temperatures continuing. across the northeast today, another spectacular day in this stretch of nice weather. down across the southeast, this is where we have very heavy rain that will continue to fall in across the florida panhandle in towards south georgia and some of that is going to cause some more flooding as well. high plains looking warm. bismarck getting to 94 degrees.
4:37 am
96 in scottsbluff and out across the west, we're going to be watching for the high temperatures along with those fires continuing. unfortunately. all right. but, it's not all fires everywhere. winter suddenly. >> tucker: it is. unseasonably cool temperatures have led, to well, you are watching it on your screen right now. snow in midtown, manhattan in august. >> rick: we are still live and still summer, it's not winter. all part of petco's summer snow day event promoting pet safety during these hot dog days of summer. >> and we really have some the cutest dogs ever here right now. here to explain what it all means. darryl, a spokesman for unleashed by petco. thanks for joining us. >> hi, how are you doing today? >> in other parts of the country it's hotter than this? >> that's true. >> that's a risk for dogs? >> you always want to be safe this time of the year. 7 a degree which is a normal great day for us. inside of a car can be very, very dangerous for a dog. it can go up to 110 to
4:38 am
120 degrees which is certainly very columbus. >> how do you know in your pet is overheating. we know ourselves if we are year heating. how do you know if your dog is? >> the dog will stop panting, get listless, tongue will hang out. a lot of times it will hang to the side. that would be a cause for concern. immediately get him inside, cool him off. give him some fresh water and have different various toys to help cool him down. >> if a what if you had a snow machine pull up to your front yard and dump tons of snow? >> that would be the ideal situation for pet owner encourage that. >> recommend that. >> absolutely. things that could help out. >> great things. this is a frozen chilly bowl. you would put this in your freezer. fill it up with water. it will keep the dog's water cool all day long. we have excellent bone which is a chilly bone, put that in water comes with a little bag. freeze that up for an hour. helps stimulate them mentally and socially as well as cooling them off. >> do dogs like cold water?
4:39 am
does it make a difference. >> it helps keep their core temperature down. their normal temperature is 101.5. anything other that is a concern. >> what do you have there? >> this is a chilly bone. >> and ununderneath that? >> this is a pau protecter which is great for the summertime. put these reusable paw protecters on their paws and help keeps their feet cool from the wet pavement. >> i see dogs walking around all the time with that fashion accessory. >> good for year around use also use it in the winter time with salt and any of the chemicals that they use to keep it safe for us. not good for a dog's feet. >> zippy bowl? >> another great product. a small foldable bowl that you can keep in your pocket. unzip it. give them a drink of your fresh water when are out and about. >> these are all dogs that up for adoption? >> most of the dogs here absolutely are up for adoption. we have a couple of shelters with us here that
4:40 am
brought these great dogs out. we will have all obligor dogs like these at all seven of the events across the country hoping to find good forever homes. >> go to the petco events or come to 48th and sixth avenue in manhattan adopt a dog. they are amazing. thank you. >> thank you. >> back to you, clayton. >> i want to see a snow ball fight at some point. >> trust me. one is about to break out. coming up on the show, this story, more guns from fast and furious found at crime scenes now in mexico and the government has no idea how many more out there exist. another phony scandal? we report, you decide. and, an extraterrestrial mystery solved. what was hovering over the skies in several states last fall? the answer coming up after the break. please.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
ufo sighting has apparently been solved. amateur astronomer captured this video from pike county, kentucky loctober. witnesses in several states reported seeing the same or very similar object there. well, now google says the ufo was probably a solar powered high pressure balloon that its team was testing to bring the internet to the masses. called project blueberry.
4:45 am
now more deaths and more guns found thanks to the botched fast and furious gun running operation. three more firearms were discovered at crime scenes in mexico. the rifles were traced to a gun shop. it was told by the department of justice to sell to suspicious customers. let's bring in katie paf issue paf -- pavlich. are you advised by latest round of revelations? >> i'm not surprised because even eric holder who isn't willing to admit much when it comes to fast and furious has admitted we will see lots of murders and deaths as a result of fast and furious in mexico for years to come. we know that the department of justice sent at least 2500 weapons into mexico. 1400 of those guns have still missing. and it's not like atf is down there trying to track them down. the only way that we find these guns now is when they do show up at these violent crime and are left. there is no telling how many crime scenes or crimes they have been used in
4:46 am
before they are left at their destination. >> have people been arrested as a result of this? >> there have been a few people who were arrested. this was after a year of buying hundreds of firearms and they were arrested only after the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. it was almost -- you look at the emails and look at the track record. it really shows that they were in a panic mode and had to have something to prove for this operation considering it had lethal results and still does. we have seen at least 400 tets in mexico as a result of fast and furious. in 2012, we saw the death of a mexican beauty queen. we recently saw about a month ago the murders of a police chief with fast and furious weapons. and so this is something that's continued. these are people who are brazen and willing to take on not only just regular civilians but public officials down in mexico. >> senator grassley we know has been trying to get information about this fast and furious going back and forth with the department of justice on this. has he gotten anywhere and any more information?
4:47 am
>> he has not gotten -- i mean, senator grassley has done an excellent job of investigating. the department of justice has been anything but cooperative. grassley sent a letter to the department of justice and directly to attorney general eric holder about a month ago. after we saw this revelation of mexican police chief being killed asking why his justice department was not informing congress of these new deaths that are linked to fast and furious weapons. you know, the oversight committee is still in a court battle when it comes to getting documents into deciding whether president obama's assertion of executive privilege will stand and so, you know, we have seen lots of redacted documents and we haven't seen much progress. can i tell you that brian terry family doesn't feel like they have seen much progress either. >> clayton: they are outraged. of course we spoke with them recently. here is what the atf had to say about. this they say atf has accepted sonsability for the mistakes made in the fast and furious investigation and the
4:48 am
attorney attorney general's direction we have tone appropriate and decisive action to ensure that these errors will not be repeated we acknowledge regrettably that firearms related to the fast and furious investigation will likely be recovered at future crime scenes. do those words comfort you that this won't happen again in the future? >> they don't comfort me considering we haven't seen a the love consequences for the people involved in fast and furious at the atf level. we definitely haven't seen consequences for people like lanny brewer in the justice department. so, i'm not too convinced that we're not going to see something like this happen again. and as i stated at the beginning of the segment, atf isn't down in mexico desperately trying to track these weapons down. 1400 of them are still missing. only way they are recovered is when they're left at violent crime scenes. unfortunately we have a high body bag count here. >> clayton: that was part of the whole point of the program to track them and they are not doing that katie pavlich. fast and furious barack obama's bloodiest scandal and shameless coverup.
4:49 am
thanks for joining us, indicatey. >> thank you, have a good saturday. >> clayton: you too. coming up on the show 18,000 pages long with overload of regulation ares, is obama care grown too out-of-control to understand? and he suffered a horrific car accident that sent him to heaven and back he says. his wife though may have suffered the most. amazing story of faith and strength coming up here on the show. when you realize you need to switch to verizon, it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable
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4:53 am
>> alisyn: one day she was a teacher, loving wife to a husband. >> accident turned her life upside down. her husband severely injured in a car crash that almost took his life. >> the months that followed took ava on a journey that she never thought she would embark on. she chronicles the experience in a new book called a walk in the dark. she and her husband join to us talk about it. >> good morning. >> why did you decide to put this down on paper? >> i have a lot of people ask how did you do it? how did you get through this? and after hearing that over and over again, i decided it was a book that people not only needed but that they wanted to hear. i wanted people to know that you can make it through hard times. you can overcome. don, you were in terrible car crash. you were pronounced dead. >> yes. >> you were dead for a time you had an out-of-body after life experience. when you came back to your
4:54 am
body, you found that you were totally incapacitated. it took you months and months to recover. you were going through a personal hell, but apparently eva was, also. you were, however, oblivious to what she was experiencing? >> well, i was so incredibly interested when i didn't get to stay in heaven. and then i came back to horrific injuries. i had lost 4 inches of femur in my left leg. my left arm actually wound up in the backseat of the car. i had brain damage internal injuries. so i came back to 34 operations and 13 months in the hospital bed. so it was kind of a double thing. i was missing heaven and i came back to a horrific situation. i was so out of it for so long that i just didn't really want people to have to worry about me. i didn't want them to have to fuss me. take care of me but she did. >> you say your relationship with god deepened as a result of all of this. is that truth for both of you. >> yeah. >> go ahead. it's your book.
4:55 am
>> i was raised in church, but i had a very surface relationship. when the accident happened, i had to dig deep. i had to really lean in to god to have him hold me up. and since that time, just that relationship has strengthened and strengthened over the years because once you get used to talking to god on such a personal basis, it's like breathing. it's a natural occurrence. it's like any other relationship. it takes time to build. >> you didn't know at the time, of course, what his experience was? >> no. you wrote in the book i didn't know about the miracle after the accident. i had known earlier that he actually had gone to heaven i might have felt differently. how might you have had felt differently had you known he experienced it? >> i would have understood the depression. he shut me out. he wouldn't talk to me. >> he experienced something so incredible. >> right. and when i finally understood that he had experienced heaven, it
4:56 am
explained his behavior to me. before, i was just wondering, you know, does he love me anymore? what i have done wrong in what haven't i done to help him? standing that he had been to lesson, of course if you have been there, why would you want to come back here? >> what was it like there? >> awesome. i recommend it highly. [ laughter ] >> i have spent my time since then. i was a pastor on the way to church when this accident happened. so, i have spent my time trying to get people to have reservations in heaven since. it was the most real thing i have ever experienced. there were people who greeted me that i had known and loved in life who preceded me in death. they all looked good. if you want to look good, heaven is where you want to be. they were awesome. there is a magnificent gate there are actually 12 of them but i was at one. you could see inside. you could see incredible dwellings, structures beyond anything you could possibly imagine. there are -- there was music there that is beyond
4:57 am
anything i have ever. >> alisyn: it sounds wonderful but let's not rush it. >> you have got to read the book. go out and pick it up. >> alisyn: thanks to so much for being here it is great. >> the book is called a walk through the dark. make it a number one hit on amazon this morning. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends." >> thank you. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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at, we offer our users... guaranteed upfront savings. the result? truecar users save... over $3,000... on average. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is august 17th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us, the nsa firing back at the bombshell report that they broke the law. thousands of times. they claim it was just an innocent mistake. do you trust them? we report, you decide. >> muslim groups planning a million muslim march set to take place on, get this: 9/11. why. why they say they are the real victims of the attack. governor huckabee joins us. our battle of the sexes continues this morning. we have all been in this situation on a date. >> the check came and, of course, i was going to pay but you didn't do the check
5:01 am
dance. ♪ >> clayton: turns out men really do want the ladies to pay. is that fair? we are bringing in the experts to debate. this "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. hi, my name is alexandra. you are watching my favorite show, "fox & friends." [rooster crowing. [. >> clayton: when i heard that earlier i was think something that a disney star. >> alisyn: soon to be. >> what a great voice she has. >> she is projecting. turns out i didn't know she had broadcasting skill. it's bring your daughter to work day. we're having a date. >> tucker: genes matter is that what you are saying? >> clayton: i do she is adorable. true camerota fashion she is making us fetch coffee and scripts for her. >> alisyn: she eats chocolate crow-croissants.
5:02 am
>> clayton: get to headline. >> alisyn: adorable. we do have brand new information about the chaos that is erupting in egypt today. the state announcing the u.s. embassy in cairo will be closed tomorrow. this after yet another blood bath as the standoff between protesters and police turn deadly again and gunfire erupts in the streets. [gunfire and shouting] 173 people were confirmed dead across the country on friday. that includes 10 police officers as the muslim brotherhood took to the streets in defiance of a military imposed state of emergency. dramatic video shows escape from a street battles rage throughout residential neighborhoods. the muslim brotherhood vows daily protests. so far more than 700 people have been killed this week
5:03 am
alone in the violence. also new overnight, divers frantically searching for survivors of the ferry boat crash this is in the philippines. it was carrying more than 700 passengers and hit a cargo ship and then sank. at least 28 people are dead. officials are worried that that number will rise. still more than 200 people missing. and it looks like pennsylvania's strict voter i.d. law is on hold again november general election. this will mark the third consecutive election that the law will be barred by a court order. several groups have argued that the measure is unconstitutional. the law requires voters state issued i.d. before casting a ballot? cvs is changing course changed earlier this week nail polish remover to anyone under 18 years of age. acetone can also be used to
5:04 am
make methamphetamine. c.v.s. is reversing the decision saying quote: the company said photo i.d. will not be required to buy products containing acetone c.v.s. stores except those in hawaii. >> clayton: that's where walter white from breaking dad. >> alisyn: good to know. those are your headlines. let's bring in governor mike huckabee this morning. host of huckabee on the morning show. >> i'm so glad about the nail polish thing i was so afraid i would have to show a photo i.d. for that but not for voting. >> tucker: not for voting only the important things. nsa was busted this week over the "the washington post" leak documents showed 2700 more times they violated rules. spokesman saying quote minutes ago describing that number 2700 as, quote, minuscule. not a big deal. is that your deal of it. >> i'm going to remember
5:05 am
that if i'm ever charged with a crime. look, i'm up to 2700 and it's still minuscule. what happens when you fit a crime or you or you or me? we get arrested and prosecuted and possibly go to prison. what happens when someone in government breaks the law? obviously nothing. whether it's the nsa, the irs, nothing. nothing happens. and i think americans are becoming incredibly frustrated with two sits of rules. one being applied to the citizens of the country and the others being applied to the people who are supposed to be the servants of the citizens but in fact have become the lords who are immune from any type of accountability. >> john delong, who is the director of compliance for the the nsa which i love that title by the way. he says this was just willful -- this wasn't willfulness conduct. we just didn't know. we didn't collect this stuff willfulfully. i maintain, governor, and tell me i am wrong, when you put this technology in place in the first place, that's being willful. you know this captures all of this information, it's
5:06 am
stored in a data base. we just got word of another one that's being built in north carolina. 68-million-dollar facility. all of your emails im messages everything being stored. that to me is willful. >> i think it's willful. i think it's unconstitutional. i happen to be on the same side as a lot of liberals and a lot of conservatives which i find a little refreshing that this is not an issue that has only brought one part of the ideological spectrum together. but i think as people look at this objectively not the ones who say i don't care, security at any price. i'm not one of those people. >> alisyn: what is the happy medium? you don't like the nsa surveillance. you don't think they should be trying to track terrorists. >> terrorists absolutely. are you a terrorists no am i terrorists no. probable cause. that's what the constitution is set up. you can't wily nilly go about snooping on everybody hope to catch somebody. you have to say we have reason to suspect alisyn is doing something nefarious. and, therefore, because of that we have gone to a second branch of
5:07 am
government, ie the courts and we have secured from them an agreement that you are doing something that gives us reason to believe. not just we're going to look at everything and then sift through it and see what we can find. >> yeah, i mean there is this sense, too. that people who ask too many questions about this are on the side somehow of the terrorists. that it's wrong to ask what your government is doing and in some cases to you. >> peggy noonan yesterday in the "wall street journal" wrote a brilliant piece on why we should value privacy. it is a classic. of course, i think everything peggy writes is brilliant. this is her at her best. reminding us that privacy is really the heart of free speech. it's the heart of thought. it's the heart of everything. if we thought that our very inner most workings were going to be looked at by somebody else, we would suppress them. what makes this unique is a culture. as a society, as a government, as a people, is our ability to be free to express. sometimes to be ridiculous in the way we express.
5:08 am
and that's why i hate political correctness. i hate pc speech. because it expresses our basic thought processes. >> one of the other things that makes this country unique is our representative government. you think when you are elected to congress you have some say in what the people want. and you are not going to have an end run by the executive branch around your power. though that has been the criticism of this administration. this is add this nsa stuff to the list of this that president obama has done. raising some interesting questions about the changes to the healthcare law without any approval. having it passed in the first place. ordering cell phone taxes to go up to pay for other pet projects and programs. overruling congress on drug court sentences. immigration reform. so, is this adding to that list? >> it is. one of the reasons, this is a president who, you know, this sounds harsh. i think he would rather play basketball and golf than doing the job of governing. governor something a time consuming process of
5:09 am
visiting with legislators, building relationships, it's not fun. but it takes an extraordinary amount of effort. and you have got to say, there is 535 members of congress. i need to build relationships with as many as i can who are spheres of influence, that will influence others and get them to agree with me. let me listen to them. let me find out what their concerns are. address the ones i can and recognize i can't get them all done. he doesn't. >> alisyn: president obama has passed fewer executive orders at this point in his presidenciy than did george w. bush or bill clinton. people are always annoyed when presidents act with executive orders. aren't they? but presidents do it. it is their prerogative. and that's what his predecessors did even more than he did. >> it's not the number. >> you did when you were president. >> did i executive orders when i was governor. i never bypassed the law. i didn't do things that i knew i could not do under the constitution of my state. what i think is different is not how many it's what they do. executive order that says we are going to order
5:10 am
federal employees to, you know, to work through their lunch hour for six months. okay, that's not a constitutional issue. a federal executive order where the president says we're going to let people come into the country even though though don't have documentation and even though the law doesn't permit it, that's a violation. >> alisyn: the dream act doesn't say that what he did with the dream act kids brought here through no fault of their own. >> i agree with the dream act's goal, i pushed that for our own state when i was governor. you never punish children for what a parent does. agree with his goal. why didn't he sit down with legislators and help make that a legislative reality? i think it was doable. even with republicans. >> you do? i do, yeah. there are a lot of -- i'm a republican. and i believe that you don't punish a child for the parents' sins. that's just to me common sense. you know, it doesn't mean that you just let everybody come in. but it means that when a child has been here. he has been educated in our school system because, by law, he has to be.
5:11 am
and that child has achieved academic success, you know what? it is in our best interest to say: we would rather you be a doctor and go to medical ask than just to pick tomatoes for the rest of your life. >> alisyn: has congress gotten to a point where there is such obstructionists that you can't get things passed like that anymore. >> part of the reasons there is obstructionist president who hasn't built relationships. when part-time see the distance. every governor in every state understands that you have to work with people. and i think president 's, if you look at them historically, the effective ones were the ones who understood the process but they realized that as the executive, it was their duet to build relationships and to lead. leadership is what we see lacking. >> tucker: twice with members of congress. no relationship. even among democrats. the muslim group plans a million muslim march on washington on 9/11 saying that this is the basic lesson of september 11th, the victimization of muslims. is that the lesson you draw from those attacks?
5:12 am
>> it's absurd. can you imagine if the japanese had decided in 1945 to do a march in washington on pearl harbor day how that would have been received? this is just the most insensitive and insane thing. i was so glad you had dr. jasser on earlier who is a voice of reason and thoughtfulness. and more people who are muslim like dr. jasser need to be heard from and less like these guys who are planning this ridiculous, in your face march on september 11th. >> this guy a provocateur. the guy running this organization likes provocation. he says all sorts of loony things. as we reported on it yesterday and trace gallagher looked at their web site they have 8 members. as of yesterday. us talking about it maybe they have more today. it doesn't seem like they are going to get to that million number. >> well, they have got a long way to go. more people operating cameras in the studio right now than they have got membership. >> alisyn: i'm not sure they are all working? >> >> clayton: coming up on your show tonight 8:00 p.m.
5:13 am
on the fox news channel? >> we will have update on he egypt from somewhere that was there at the arab spring. two women jailed in iran for being christian. they will talk about their experience. they also knew pastor be a deany who was in that prison still there so, we have got a fascinating show lined up. >> all right. governor. >> alisyn: thanks a lot, governor. well, it's 18,000 pages long. and drowning in regulations, has obama care grown so big and so completely out of control that it's impossible for anybody to understand it? we have got an expert weighing in. >> clayton: plus another week, another video of a woman failing miserably behind the wheel. [ laughter ] this s. this stereotype true? she can't exit her own garage? are women really bad drivers? >> alisyn: you are basing this on one youtube video. >> tucker: that is science. >> alisyn: what you call science i know that. >> clayton: and our own personal experience. keep your tweets and emails coming. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
simply unsustainable. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> tucker: those words will come back to haunt him. that was president obama trying to sell healthcare plan to the public. who can forget when nancy pelosi told us we had to pass obama care in order to understand what was in it. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> tucker: fast forward three years and we still don't know what's in it it the healthcare law is still opaque. it's huge and it's getting worse as more vehicles are added all the time. will we never know how
5:18 am
obama care works? will anyone standz how it works. joinings have you a fellow in the hockey ethics and public policy center center in washington. thanks for joining us this morning. how dig is obama care at this point? >> well, it's the largest social welfare program change in this country in probably 45 years. 50 years. a very massive piece of vegetation. will effect pretty much every employer in the country and pretty much every citizen in the country, too. so it's going to have a very big effect on our healthcare system which is large and immense. it's an absolutely marv piece of legislation and regulation as you indicated. >> right. it's not static. this thing is me as it sizing still. regulations are still being written is that correct? >> that's right. there is still more regulations to come. they have written probably most of them at this point. but i think one thing that's going on here is a moving target. i think that's one of the hardest things for especially the employer community, the business community. to adjust to. the fact that they change
5:19 am
the rules pretty much every month. and as you get closer to implementation on october 1 and january 1, it's quite clear and the administration admits as much that they will keep changing things as they need to based on whatever they find out as they try to move forward. it's very much a moving target. >> it sounds that way. and it is as you noted just immense. so the bill itself, the law itself, 2500 pages, the regulations around it 17,000 pages. that's just too much. like no person could read and internalize all of that that's bigger than, you know, the bible, koran, the talmed every book in the world out put together. nobody could know what's in that right? >> right, that's correct. i don't know what's in it. i know a fair amount of what's going on but i can't claim to know what's in it from end to end i think the real issue there is any time you have a piece of legislation is this big and this complicated with so much power being concentrated in a few hands at the belt of health and
5:20 am
human services you have unintended consequences. we have a big country. our healthcare system is very diverse. it's decentralized in a lot of ways. they are taking a lot of power and authority to make decisions about how the health system is run. and putting them in the department of health and human services. that's inevitably going to have inintended consequences. >> tucker: unintended consequences. i wish every member of congress had a tattoo beware unintended consequences. it's the wisest thing they could ponder as far as i'm concerned. james, thanks for coming on this, no, i appreciate it? >> thank you. >> first it was salt and then it was soda. mayor bloomberg has a brand new target public housing residents. he says they should all be fingerprinted. is he right or totally out of control? listen up, ladies, a new study says you better offer to pay on your next date or you could get dumped. is that true? and, if so, is it even worth staying in this country? a fair and balanced debate coming up. eality check.
5:21 am
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go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ all right. when it comes to going on a date. 44% of men today says they would stop seeing a woman who consistently did not pay for their date. so does this mean chivalry is dead or are modern men just keeping up with the times? here to discuss this, we have a great panel right now. dating coach john kegan fox news contributor who goes to a lot of movies on dates. kevin mccarthy. life and hipp coach darn that barnes and diana fall zone this is a gait top pim. a day of men pay something over. john, you are a dating coach. >> that's right. what do you tell your clients about paying on
5:25 am
dates? >> i tell men who pay for the first day because it's usually the man's job to ask the girl out. it's important that he does that so he should pay. ultimately i think it should be a 5050 or at least a 6040 kind of police. and a lot of women still following traditional lines but the problem is the economy is not set that up way anymore. so it creates real struggle for men. >> the world isn't following traditional lines. so dating has to change. donna, you're a relationship coast coach will you agree? i have a lot of male clients get stuck in a situation where they're always paying. >>. and set that tone that you are looking for them to contribute and because i think it's a generational thing. i think. >> we happen to have a young single woman here.
5:26 am
you gone on dates are men the first date men should always pay. the woman should always offer. if the man accepts, i'm thinking to myself i'm not going to see you again. i have had those standoffs before where a guy stares and tells me well i'm sure you do pretty well, you get this one, i will get the next one. i am thinking you north dating material. >> sometimes you are not doing pretty were well. a young girl a guy she liked. he kept taking her to expensive restaurants and leaving the check sit there and she was like i can't afford. this i wouldn't go to these restaurants. >> alisyn: that's the worst. >> i'm a traditionalist i grew up watching my grandfather pay for my mother my father pay for my mother. every date i go on i generally always pay. i always feel awkward when the check comes in my girlfriend at the time decides to pay i think the waiters will look at me and go dude. no. for me it's like tradition. a man should always pay for the meal. >> alisyn: what about women
5:27 am
now are making more money than sometimes their dates are? >> well, that's an important thing. so, i think ultimately it will come down to who has the bigger wallet. sometimes women in a same situation can take a man to a five star restaurant but the guy's life isn't set up for that. she ought to be paying for that. but when they go to something like pizza or a tea, he can pay for that. >> alisyn: diana, do you agree that if the woman is making more she should pay? >> i think the man should dictate where they go especially the first few dates. you don't know who is making more at this point at that point any way. if a man asks a woman out pick a place you can afford. women don't want expensive. they want good company. conversation. not looking for money all the time. that's horrible. >> what's next though? are we going to see women opening up doors for men and if a guy gets cold. give jacket? >> i can't imagine the girl giving me her jacket. >> i'm not giving you my jacket. make sure that you don't
5:28 am
emasculate a man though. already making more men are much more -- egos as far as their income level and what they do. very tied to their self-esteem. if now all of a sudden you are the bread winner and paying for everything, especially in froivet the waiter and stuff like that. if you are paying as a woman sometimes and partner in a relationship. sometimes it's nice if you slide him your credit card and say here and let him make the transaction but i paid for it. >> weird moments on previous dates a year ago i went with my girlfriend and i took her out in the sense that i knew i couldn't afford the meal but i still paid for it knowing that week later i would be eating ramen noodles and easy mac. i wanted to impress her. >> alisyn: you are the man, kevin. i basically what i hear you all say something that the woman should offer but we are all still hoping the man pays. at least for the first few dates. thanks so much, guys, you are the experts on dating all of you.
5:29 am
we assembled a great panel. great to see you guys, thanks a lot. we love to hear what you think v. to think about. this you can find me on twitter on alisyn camerota. they have been hacked before. would you trust facebook with your credit card information. why they want you to hand it over now. and don't want to break the bank buying your kids back-to-school supplies? you don't have to. the shopping deals every parent will want to hear today. stay tuned.
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and never overpay. visit ♪ i don't want to work ♪ i want to -- all day. >> here it is, these are some messy maneuvers. this woman is having a tough time backing her car out of the garage. she is not doing anything to help the age old stereotype. take her all afternoon to try to get her out. >> tucker: this is scientific proof of what people have whispererred about for years. what the saudi government has made official policy. >> alisyn: one woman on youtube who can't get out of her garage is telling you that can't drive. >> tucker: double blind longitudinal study. >> clayton: we have more. that's just one piece of video. >> alisyn: another piece of video from youtube. >> another woman driving at science test. doing her drivers' test.
5:34 am
and she flips the car. i don't know that she passed the tests or not. i'm not sure. >> so that's badded? >> that's bad. she may have passed the written portion of the test test but when you flip the driver car with the teacher inside. >> i would love to hear what her instructures say. >> how honest can would he be at 8:30 eastern time. >> here is another one. >> rooted in absolutely reality. and i say that is a terrible driver. i drive, i'm the worse driver than most women. i will admit it but, women are not great drivers buy and large. >> that's your reality. fantastic. let me tell you something. >> study has been done show that men are worse drivers because they are more aggressive. >> more aggressive. >> more tickets. they get more tickets and more accidents because they are more aggressive and they have road rage. >> clayton: my swif a slow driver and her sister calls her brakester because is constantly tapping the brakes in the whole drive. are we going over speed
5:35 am
bumps? we last year got two tickets. me zero. >> that's because you take the train. in any event, i have thrown down the gauntlet this morning and i will take you -- both of you on in a driving test it. i will happily do parallel parking and you guys will go down in flames. >> there is no doubt you will beat me in parallel parking. however, when was the last time a man drove into say a garbage truck or plowed through a garage door. >> probably an hour ago. >> never happen. >> never ever happen. >> tucker: man knocked a fire hydrant off the foundation. never happened. >> clayton: men are more aggressive drivers women distracted like gretchen and maria on "fox & friends." >> alisyn: that was not a good showing for our set, ladies. here are the emails. sylvia from texas says i took my driving test 18 times poor man just signed off on it and made me promise to never parallel
5:36 am
park. >> alisyn: whose side are you on, sylvia. >> p.j. says alisyn i have never had a ticket or accident or run into anything. we would make a great team parking against those men. >> okay, pj you are on. >> as evidenced by your video the reason why women don't receive as many tickets as men because they can't get the car out of the garage so it's safer. friends@foxnews .com ff weekend on twitter. the challenge, the gauntlet has been thrown down a few weeks from now we will do a challenge. >> alisyn: i cannot wait. start your engines. >> tucker: does it mean that science is wrong? >> alisyn: i hear you. i appreciate that again, you are using science synonymous with youtube. >> tucker: they are the same. >> alisyn: get to your headlines and tell tell you what else is happening. we have a fox news alert right now. reports of a major arrest in the fight against al qaeda. egyptian security officials say they captured the brother of al.
5:37 am
mohammed al-zawahiri was obtained at a check point in geez za. authorities say he has commanded insurgents in the past and was allied with ousted egyptian president mohammed morsi. we will bring you more on this. new york city mayor michael bloomberg versus a federal judge over stop and frisk. judge shined lin ruled monday violates constitutional rights. on radio show yesterday mayor bloomberg referred to the judge who snows zero about police work. the decision is unfair and will hurt the nypd's fight against violent crime. new york city officials have taken the first steps in appealing that ruling. all right, clayton, what you have got? >> well, would you trust facebook with your credit card, alisyn in the social media giant is working on a pilot program to rival papal. after uploading payment information, users would be able to purchase items on their computer or their mobile device with just by logging in with their log in information. you could use this it
5:38 am
across other web sites. facebook has partnered with men shopping site jack threads for the pilot project. and those are your headlines. rick, you know he about. this you sign in with facebook. pretty much have access to any web site. would you trust. >> it freaks me out. i don't like to use facebook to do that stuff. >> clayton: you don't buy your jeans on facebook. >> rick: i don't buy anything on line. >> clayton: you are a outlier too. >> rick: big time flooding across the southeast. take a look at the weather maps. can see where all of the prescription is down across areas of the southeast. a lot more going into that area throughout the next couple days. some tropical moisture streaming in and this is before the heaviest part of this tropical moisture. take a look at the video out of columbus, georgia down across parts of west central georgia. major rain falling there. they have had a lot of people just saying they haven't really had a summer because of all of the cool temps and the rain and they have had plenty of it and
5:39 am
much more coming that wait a minute more scenes like this unfortunately i think we are going to see throughout the weekend. some spots see maybe another 3 or 4 inches. out across the west see monday sunni moisture across the four corners, nothing that is going to be hugely significant though. and then in towards thefic nora look at this. white swan, washington. 91 degrees today and sunny. i'm saying this because i have got your 52nd birthday in new york. >> on wednesday. >> she told me i could say her age. >> it's okay. it's all good. >> that wasn't breaking any rules. >> tucker, send it over to you. >> thank you, rick. kids are getting ready to head back to school. moms across the country are stocking up on back-to-school sernls. the cost can add up. we tracked down great, great deals for you. people who know great deals. >> alisyn: that's right. joining us now are co-founders of katy and bell. >> hi. >> you are going to save us
5:40 am
money today. >> that's what we do. >> you are the coolest company ever. >> give us a quick description of what huckster does. >> we were frustrated by all the emails hitting our inbox scouring through the sale racks. we wanted a simple way to find out when the products we were interested in going on sal. >> how does it work? >> you tag products online. we have a little button you put in your browser and we dual at dirty work for you send you email or text from that item on sale or if there is a coupon code. >> alisyn: obviously everybody needs new shoes for school what are the best. >> finish line right now is running great sales on boys sneakers, we love the superman converse sneaker $25, 40% off the original price. and we have teamed up with our friends at the finish line. if you spend $60, can you save $10 at checkout with the code fox friends. >> alisyn: that's really really cool. do they make them in a women's 7? i like these. >> tucker: these backpacks surprisingly cheap.
5:41 am
>> back-to-school item surprisingly cheap is right. one of our favorites is this elephant book bag from toys are off $16 what a great one to send little one back to school. >> and lunch boxes also. we need new ones what is your favorite. >> super fashionable in lunchroom. lands end neo freedom. fantastic colors under $15. >> tucker: if i wanted a hello kitty product and who wouldn't. you need them if you have girls. >> who doesn't have trouble getting their kid up in the morning. toys r us $12 right now. 15% off. >> alisyn: that's fantastic. find out about all these accessories and all of these great products and check out with two ks. we love them all. one woman focus group here my 8-year-old daughter who is going to come in and tell what you her favorites are right after this. >> i may be the only man who signed up for huckster. i'm glad i did. thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
5:42 am
>> coming up on the show, there are eyes on the sky and on the water and i headed to washington, d.c. this week to check out the latest in drone technology at the national drone convention when we come back. check it out... over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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5:45 am
>> alisyn: they can be as small as a bug and as large as plane. new heights. >> clayton: i headed down to the drone convention at our nation's capitol. take a look. >> here we are in washington, d.c. at the annual drone convention where hundreds vehicles. some that fly in the air and swim and land like this guy. >> the real technology we are showing here is human like dexterity with a arm. operator can go in, be extremely precise, separate the trigger from the explosives, render it safe
5:46 am
from a very safe standoff distance. another unique characteristic forced feedback. can you feel whatever the robot feels. >> you might recognize i robot from incredible floor cleaning products. they do something incredible on the battlefield and first responders. some the other robots i didn't know you had. >> defense and security side of the business as well. can you see we have 220-pound weight on it. it can lift actually much more. these robots are used for a range of industrial applications. this is called the one time first foot. small five ton robot used by military and first responders to get reconnaissance. throw this in bailing have it drive around and get a 360-degree look at the building before sending people in. you have full camera view right here. >> i'm coming for you. some companies here at the drone convention have equipment that they don't want the world to know about. it's so secretive that we can't even talk to them. like this company. can't even get in the door.
5:47 am
when i think of drones i think of the big ones up in the sky. the folks at dji are doing smaller aerial drones with photograph. police departments using what you guys do for surveillance of different houses and criminal activity? >> not currently. the difficulty there is you are crossing borders with warrants and illegal search and seizure. >> if you can see by my hair how much airspeed is moving under there. look at that. >> another big feature of this convention and amount of companies that work keeping our soldiers safe. if you have got a soldier that's injured in battle. these can actually carry a soldiers back from the battlefield. >> can carry about 500 pounds. >> we have seen small drones. look at these big boys. >> we initially developed it to compete with a predator sized uav at a fraction of the cost. currently we have a few of these flying out in afghanistan. growing up as a kid. this is our latest
5:48 am
prototype. we have equipped it how do you control these vehicles? where do you go? >> >> clayton: under water, drones that live under sea. underwater submersible drone. >> inspection type rov. >> i'm going to try to race to the opposite end of the tank. are you ready? am i going to beat this drone? are you ready? ♪ ♪ ain't got nothing on me. that's about as fast as i ever go. you know, a lot of the companies i talked to though have said they face privacy concerns. questions about surveillance and basically saying that laws forbid this in just about every state. you can go up over your houses and be looking in through windows or anything like that. mostly used for wildfire protection. these drones that are over in afghanistan that would be coming back home. so we will see if that
5:49 am
holds true. >> tucker: i don't think that holds true. the technology is so cool and i'm swept away by the neatness of it all and how impressive these american companies that created it are. law enforcement across the country has been buying into drones. >>. >> absolutely. i don't think they are restricted in the way they can use it. >> no. we understand even mayor michael bloomberg had talked about trying to get the police department here to try to use this technology. >> weird. you would think a guy that committed to civil liberties. >> clayton: i was waiting for that. >> alisyn: up next, the tables are turning. more and more dads staying home with the kids. can they handle the job? the stars of the new show modern dads are here with us right now. hey, guys. >> clayton: they are working today. >> tucker: gentlemen, good to see you. once again. ♪ easy like sunday morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:50 am
[ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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5:53 am
and the dads who stay home and take charge of child rearing on the new reality show "modern dads." take a look. >> do you know what flavor to get? >> you have to have swirly stuff on a princess cake, right? swirly stuff. >> one of my girlfriends works at a cake shop and they do kids' cakes and i'll give you my name, and maybe you can give me your number in case there are problems. >> notice how he uses my kid as a prop for his littlen kaunter.
5:54 am
>> nathan hall, nick like as and stone hall. >> this week? >> wednesday at 9:30 right after "duck dynasty." >> is it true what they say is that carrying a baby is like a chick magnet. if you don't have a women carrying a baby, the women flock to you. look, such a good dad. >> it's been my experience it's better than a puppy. >> that wasn't your baby. >> i would use my own. >> mine was the one watching me and you're a single stay at home dad. what is your life like? >> i work from home and i'm able to work and take care of danica. >> you were friends before the show. >> shawn who is not with us today. he's in peoria. he and i went to the university of texas in austin together, so we've known each other for
5:55 am
20-plus years, and rick and i -- >> we do play dates and our kids are the same age. >> me and sean were at rival high schools, so i met you through sean. >> and i met stone years ago, and we're all close friends. >> so did you ever think you'd grow up to be raising children at home? >> no. >> i didn't think i would have kids myself, but here we are. >> quick answer, no. >> we heard so much during the economic downturns of all these stay-at-home dads and that this was the new economy. men were staying home and women were going back to the secretarial jobs and this is what the country was facing and you guys are living proof. >> i've got four kids and it's gotten tougher for us, and you know, when the economic downturn came around. >> when you watch mr. mom, does it bother you? are you offended? it's that stereotype, oh, the bumbling father and -- yes, do we make mistakes?
5:56 am
of course, we do, but we're good at what we do and we love what we do and my wife's a physician. she is the primary breadwinner and so when we made that decision for me to stay. it was a no-brainer. it was a no-brainer and i wanted to stay home with my son. >> do you find there are more dads at the play dates or are you just sort of -- i mean, when i started doing this ten years ago, i couldn't pull up to a park and just walk out there. i had to wait for another dad to get there. >> you could get arrested. >> the ice cream truck without ice cream. >> i'd like to say in the last ten years we've gone from creepy to cool. women think it's cool. >> the show debuts wednesday, august 21st and the moral of today's story. stone, grab someone else's baby if you want to get a baby. >> 9:30 central time.
5:57 am
>> thank you can't wait. >> privacy rules nearly 3,000 times. has edward snowden forced obama into the transparency he'd been trying to avoid. how in the world -- >> see? a mom. dads wouldn't have done that. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
5:58 am
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at, we offer our users... guaranteed upfront savings. the result? truecar users save... over $3,000... on average. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit good morning, everyone. today is august 17th, i'm alisyn camerota. the nsa broke privacy rules nearly 3,000 times and that was one year alone, by the way. so has edward snowden forced the president into the transparency that many say he's been trying to avoid? >> it's time that government stop the spying and stop the lying. well, the scandals that are not looking so phony now. we'll explore all of that. remember when hillary clinton yelled in front of congress? >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or was it because of
6:01 am
guys out for a walk one night and decided they'd kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> apparently that took place behind closed doors and why she screamed at a congressman for daring to describe benghazi as a terror attack. and a wake-up call for parents after a texas family found out their baby monitor had been hacked. we'll tell you about this and what you can do to protect your family coming up on the show. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great. what's a christmas in july although it's august. >> it's snowing on our plaza. don't adjust your set, it's the show. >> only "fox & friends" can
6:02 am
bring snow to midtown manhattan. >> i meant, look around. do you see other morning shows covering their plaza on sixth avenue with snow? >> no, you don't. >> no, you don't. >> we, i'm told, are going to explain what we're doing. >> no, we're not, ali. >> would your morning show explain what they're doing. >> or what we're doing? >> never apologize, never explain, and that's the code of morning television. >> good morning, everyone. you're watching "fox & friends." thank you for waking up with us. >> there's dramatic new video of a gun battle in egypt. let's watch. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that gun fire erupted when demonstrators barricaded inside a mosque, reportedly shot. security forces after 173 people were confirmed dead across the country during friday's day of
6:03 am
rage. the muslim brotherhood is now in daily protests and more than 700 people have been killed this week alone. also new this morning a major arrest in the fight against al qaeda. egyptian officials say they have mohammed al zawahiri, he's the brother of ayman al zawahiri and they've detained him at a checkpoint in giza. he had commanded insurgents in the past and he was with mohammed morsi. also while you were sleeping, divers are frantically searching for survivors off the philippines. the ferry was carrying crew. at least 28 people are dead. officials are worried that number will rise and more than 200 are still missing. it looks like pennsylvania's strict voter i.d. law is on hold again. a judge is blocking its enforcement through the november 5th general election. this will mark the third
6:04 am
consecutive election that it will be barred by a court order. several groups have argued the measure is unconstitutional. the law requires state voters to have a state-issued i.d. before casting a ballot. an armed thief turned out to be no match for two little lap dogs in texas. >> they're hero, absolutely. >> kristen morgan says her dogs miky and jaky sprang into action after a burglar kicked in her gate. she dialed 911 and police brought in the big dogs and a chopper. nearby schools were put on temporary lockdown. even though it is still summer break, the suspect has not been found. i'm not quite sure what her lap dogs did other than yapping. yapping can be very effective. >> i know many people who yapped away -- >> i know many people whose liefrs have been affected by yapping.
6:05 am
>> let's check in now with a look at the forecast. >> last half hour i wish withed her a happy birthday and she had just met this woman down lear and they started talking and 30 minutes later, they're still chatting and they have no idea we're talking about them. >> warat. >> they're deep in conversation, and they have no idea. >> we're talking about you. >> no, it's okay. we're glad you're making friends. that's what happens when you come to see fox & friends. >> i'll bet you already exchanged number, right? >> yeah. >> i love it. >> let's take a look at the weather map. a beautiful picture coming in in prescott, arizona. beautiful morning, joyce says. 68 degrees if you're waking up, joyce. you'll get a chance of an isolated thunderstorm although monsoons are going on right now.
6:06 am
out across the southeast this is where we have the very heavy rain and we'll continue to see the rain showers all weekend long, on and off. some of the rain bands will be heavy and the potential for ongoing flooding and we can't catch a break across areas of the southeast. across the northeast, it's been unseasonably cool for the last three weeks. if you want summer, get ready. it will change. we'll see the heat return. look at those temperature, monday, tuesday, wednesday, everybody from chicago to d.c., to new york getting back above your averages this time of year and a return to summer which i know will make alisyn camerota very, very happy. >> i will consider that a present from you. the only one i've gotten. >> nice. when you figure out that rick reichmuth is in control of the weather. >> better than the nsa being in charge of the nation's weather. >> you wouldn't want this because they would never tell you the truth. a top official says breaking the
6:07 am
law thousands of times was just a mistake. actually, the head for internal overhead of nsa described the 2700 violations they committed in one year as, quote, miniscule. >> by the way, this only came to light because of edward snowden. edward snowden released these nsa documents to "the washington post." "the washington post" did their own investigation and they found that in the space of one year there were 2,776 times that the ns allissened in on the wrong conversation or intercepted on the wrong conversation or got an email they weren't supposed to get. basically what they think is much of it was human error. they thought they were listening in on international communications, but in fact they intercepted calls to and from washington, d.c.. >> they know there are no measures in place to protect this. this technology they use, they call these romers and they may
6:08 am
have family overseas that they still continue to monitor them when they're back in the united states which is illegal. they say this wasn't willful on our part, but i maintain that you put this technology in place to begin with and you know you're capturing this information and it's being stored in the data center that you built that's not unwillful. you built this technology to capture this information. to plead ignorance on this and to say it was a simple mistake, i don't buy it. >> plead that next time you don't pay your taxes. the hour before we asked him his view and here was his take on the nsa scandal. >> the president walked into the oval office saying trust me. i'm not going to surveil the way they did. i'm going to roll back the war powers, but behind the scenes was not just continue them, but double down on them in surveillance and then ask americans to trust him and we've seen from the irs from benghazi to a.p. and now to what has been revealed through nsa that all
6:09 am
they've done instead is pushed their tentacles out more into the private lives of americans while telling americans we're not at war. well, they know we are, but in doing so they're -- they're, roding privacy protections. >> governor huckabee on the show this morning said he's in a rare position because he's agreeing with a lot of democrats during this scandal and it's a position that a lot of members of congress are feeling. the president is feeling heat from his own party, dennis kucinich, who is pretty fired up about it, a democrat from ohio. listen. >> it's time that government stop the spying and stop the lying. the american people haven't been given a straight story from our government about this right from the very beginning. our constitution is being attacked. our fourth amendment rights are beingnnihilated and people are saying things and putting notes on the internet that will cause the government to start looking over their shoulder. this is not the america that
6:10 am
most of us grew up in and believe in. >> you and i were discussing this, i don't think this is democrat or republican, this crosses all partisan lines and you can be uncomfortable with the amount of privacy that they're snooping around in. >> right. >> or you can think, which is the point i'm trying to make, that the nsa has busted up terrorist plots and we do need a program that's overarching to avoid the subways in new york being bombed. people on both sides of the aisle make an interesting case and it's making for strange bedfellows. >> democrats have defended this, in my view, indefensible behavior and it's the west mainstream members and it's not a pejorative description, but people like dennis kucinich or rand paul and people who are not part of the establishment who raised holy hell on both sides. >> pete brought up benghazi in talking about some of these scandals and we haven't been able to get a lot of information. remember how fired up hillary clinton got during the
6:11 am
testimony. we had been waiting for her to go before congress to provide some sort of detail about what unfolded in benghazi and she got a little hot under the collar. remember this? >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decide they'd go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? now a member of congress has come forward that he says he was in a closed-door meeting with with hillary clinton for two days after the benghazi attack when they were trying to piece all of this together and he says when somebody in the room mentioned it was a terrorist attack and that it was a terrorist attack that she lost her cool then. listen. >> basically, in a very loud, angry voice says it's irresponsible to even suggest this is a terror attack. this is a youtube video. we know there are protests all over and we need to be very careful to how we say this and basically chided this member of congress and it was really, to
6:12 am
me, i actually sat there in that meeting and said the secretary actually believes this is a youtube video because of how passionately she's arguing, we knew, but we found out that they knew the whole time that this was a terror attack including when it was happening. to me as a military member, i would like to think that my country would never leave me in a situation, and they tell us that in training. i would think my country would not deny me the honor versus service in defense of terror versus service in defense of a youtube video and when all of the evidence stacked up when they knew from the very beginning that it was a terror attack. >> they did know and she was lying. >> she already knew she wasn't going to be a part of the second term. why would she be defending the obama administration when she was trying to distance herself. this is confusing to hear that two days afterward hillary
6:13 am
clinton argued so vociferously with somebody that it wasn't a terrorist attack when she wants to distance from what has become a scandal. >> she does now, but she worked for the administration. she was the secretary of state. she's a loyal democrat and she's one of the leaders of her party and this is the campaign narrative that the president has vanquished al qaeda. so they tenaciously held on to this lie. it was a lie, and i'm not blaming the administration for the deaths in benghazi, but i'm blaming them for the cover-up afterward. >> marco rubio warning congress to act, and will the president throw his power around either way? we report, you decide. >> plus, the surprise of a lifetime for one mother, but how in the world did her son get inside the claw toy machine in the first place? >> it's the claw!
6:14 am
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6:17 am
senator marco rubio sending a strong warning to republicans about immigration reform. >> i believe that this president will be tempted, if nothing happens in congress, he will be tempted to issue an executive order like he did for the dream act kids a year ago where he basically legalizes 11 million people by the sign of a pen. now we won't get an e verify or border security, but he'll legalize them. >> will president obama do what he wants anyway even if congress does pass immigration reform? joining us now is dan simon, from the american immigration reform. dan, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> how do you assess senator rubio's passirationale, we have pass this or the president will anyway. >> the way marco rubio can stop
6:18 am
digging is to stop talking about immigration amnesty bill. if you were to pass the senate amnesty bill in the house, do you think chuck schumer & will pass about immigration enforcement? he is trying to ice a cake without putting it in the oven first. ultimately you will have chaos and anarchy. >> it sounds like if we take marco rubio at his word, he wants the solution for the 11 million illegal immigrants who were currently here. what is the solution? >> first of all, there's no urgency for the house to do anything right now. people are here illegally. we don't know if there was 11 million or less. this president has a promiscuous attitude toward his constitutional responsibilities, basicallyi ingnoring i can pass the law -- and the senate bill does not, what's with to stop obama from passing out these obama pass cards to millions more illegal ilens in the future? the first priority of the congress ought to be reasserting
6:19 am
congress' rights to decide who can come into this country and under what conditions. marco rubio was, i guess, in high school the last time congress passed the amnesty bill and he hasn't accounted for why the promises were broke tonight american people about immigration. they went state by state and dismantling agreements. and they're not going to work hard to deport most illegal aliens in the united states. nothing about the senate bill will fix the current problem and it's another mass amnesty program with phony promises, why would it matter? ultimately it doesn't matter what congress does. >> here ate argument many republicans make. we have to get behind the bill or we'll lose the potential votes of millions of hispanic voters. you mentioned the amnesty bill, after that did the proportion of the hispanic votes and the proportion of the republicans increase or decreased? >> it decreased dramatically
6:20 am
reaching john mccain, promising amnesty doesn't bring votes to the republican party. there are wonderful, patriotic, latino republicans being offended dramatically by what seems to be the republican in fiavor of a big amnesty program. the big-money guys and the rnc and now we have the tech globalists like mark zuckerberg, trying to demand all of this cheap, foreign labor, whia the a time when you have structural labor unemployment. americans are hurting in this country. you want to flood the labor market with more foreign labor and that's what the amnesty bill does. it's bad enough. it's about dramatically increasing the access for american employers to foreign labor. >> dan, thanks for joining us. >> a wake-up call for texch fam everywhere. a baby monitor was hacked and we'll tell you how scary it was for him. for years she develops diets
6:21 am
and now she's apologizing for doing that. we'll tell you what she's apologizing for coming up. when you realize you need to switch to verizon, it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music.
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can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. the dose of botox® is not the same as other botulinum toxins. put the odds on your side. visit and talk to a headache specialist. welcome back. listen to this. a scary situation for a texas couple. after they say they heard a strange voice coming from their 2-year-old daughter's bedroom. >> he said wake up allyson. >> as a father, i'm supposed to protect her against people like this. >> it turns out their baby monitor had been hacked. what can you do to protect yourself and your family? tech security expert john luscih
6:25 am
talked about this. >> the family was hearing voices, someone telling their little girl in their bedroom to wake up. you first, panic, and think someone is in your house. someone took over the baby monitor and was talking to the baby. >> that has to be a scary situation. they walk into a room and expecting to see people and find out how they got in. they have a twice out there that most likely was set up for ease of use and because most people are not technologists they don't know how to securely lock these devices. someone took advantage of a weak system. that means he's within 500 feet of that house and he lives or drives locally. >> if we show that video again, what they were using in their house was a foscam. f-o-s-c-a-m, the company has set up a firmware update so you can
6:26 am
download a patch. it enabled people to log in with a default pass ward, atmin or administration and have access to this thing. >> here's what happens and this goes back it to firewalls when they first came out. these devices are set up certain ways and they expect you to change those default settings, okay? i don't know what these parents did or didn't do, so i don't want to fault them, but we have to get away with making it ease of use and make sure we think security wise, let's change the username to make it alpha numeric like exclamation point at the end of it. >> i understand the company did come up with a fix. >> they have a firmware update download the firmware, and find out your baby monitor and they have the information right there. you also say never use the factory password. very often they come with the fault numbers and they want you to change it, but people drive around and put in password.
6:27 am
very often they get in. >> most wireless network, most wireless network have the word admin and password and they change it. very few people do that. as far as this update that came out. remember, hackers hack software of all types and networks of all types and people can't see the vulnerabilities until they're exploitsed and revealed. a good company like this took the chance to fix this right away and protect their people going forward. >> another reminder, if you have an open wi-fi network and this is another area where this can happen, make sure you put a password on the home wi-fi, as well. >> if someone can do that to your network and get on to your network, they can launch an attack from your network into the baby cam so when the cops track it back, it will come back to you. if you have an open, wireless network you can not only be compromised, but being pointed as the person who did something wrong. >> john, we appreciate it. thanks for joining us.
6:28 am
>> coming up on the show. listen up, ladies, a study says you are better off offering to pay or you could get dumped. read the tweets on the debate on this one. a flurry of activity on the mraz. we have snow and we have dogs. telling you how to keep your pets cool in this summer heat. we're about to get another in the next week or so. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. this is nature valley. over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> there's the shot of the morning. a little boy seemed to be thinking inside the box after getting stuck inside a claw arcade game at the bowling alley. >> how did this happen? >> this is the only way to win, by the way. it's the only way to get anything out of those boxes is to climb in. >> he figured it out despite his young age and he climbed into the chute. >> he was only trapped for a few minutes and he made off with a ton of loot. >> his last name copperfield. >> yeah, but he doesn't know how to get out. >> how many times -- how many pockets full of quarters have you wasted trying to get something. >> he will be president or at least a senator. >> and it will be pulling up and it will drop half way up. >> and furthermore, built-in babysitter for that choil.
6:33 am
those parents can go to lunch while that child is in there. >> that is the ultimate pack and play. >> you know? >> speaking of couples going out and having lunch, there's a hot debate going on right now across the country. it's sweeping the country. 44% of men say they will see you later if the women don't offer to pay on their dates. they go out on a first date and 44% say men i'm sick of it. >> disgusting. older people, america's falling apart. up until now i've defended america. now the country might be falling apart. if my son never paid on a date i would beat him -- >> i have never seen tucker carlson more fired up. >> when he spilled his coffee one morning. >> but with i'm serious. >> let me throw it out to you this way, which is yon a date, and you do the reach and you do the -- i'd like to see
6:34 am
just a reach for the purse, right? >> i do the reach. >> it's the overly dramatic oh, where's my purse? >> that's what i do. >> oh, no, no, no. >> youio want to be respected as a man, you want to fulfill your duties as a man. >> and you start texting. >> i do the reach, but then most men -- this study out of chapman university shows 44% of men would not go on another date with a woman who didn't pay. tucker, here's the question, because we just had a panel. have times changed enough that women are making more money than men. if women are making more money isn't it fair that the woman picks up the tab? >> the american economy has changed and the educational system is structured in a way that hurts men. there's no doubt about that and i think it's wrong and we should change it, but it doesn't absolve you of your responsibility as a man to pay for the meal. that's a very basic thing. i also think you ought to stand up when a woman comes to the table. >> youio want to have authority
6:35 am
as a man you have to abide by certain rules and it's something i'm trying to teach my 2-year-old son. >> to pay for the bill? >> pick up the tab. son, where's your wallet? we're going to pick up mommy and your sister and we'll drive up the car and this is what men do. this is what gentlemen do. >> yes. >> because men in the end want to be treated with respect. that's what they want more than anything and they have to earn it and they if they don't earn it they're not going get it. >> the last guy i dated was really upset because i didn't pay so i kicked him to the curb. >> you are tucker's kind of woman. >> women have forgotten their value. if a man wants to enjoy their company, they need to pay. >> woman have to pay for outfit, nails and you thought that through, allison. >> that's a different allison. >> dennis says my line is i'll get this one, you can pay when we go somewhere more expensive.
6:36 am
>> that's a good line. i like that. >> the argument that girls should never have to pay for a drink. i think about my 1-year-old daughter and she'll be in an establishment where men will buy her drinks. i want her to pay for her own drinks. >> that's not going happen. >> i want her to. >> i don't think i've ever paid for a drink. >> free loading -- men do buy you -- >> i don't want her to pay for his drinks. just for her own drinks. >> men pay for drinks. >> if you're free loading off a woman and letting her buy your meal, you know, you shouldn't be able to swallow. the guilt and the shame should be so profound you ought to choke. >> you want to hear a funny story and i was in d.c. covering the drone convention and my producer told me this. she sat next to a guy who was hitting on a woman and he said you can pay for this, you have an expense account. >> washington, d.c. >> hope it did not work.
6:37 am
>> we'll hear more about your comments. meanwhile, here are your headlines. iraq wants to use u.s. drones to fight al qaeda. just a year and a half after kicking u.s. troops out of the country, iraq's top diplomat says they need help to fight a growing terrorist threat. the country also asked the u.s. for counter terror advisers to help for surveillance and analyzing intelligence. a former jenny craig weight loss consultant now apologizing for hundreds of clients for giving them bad health advice. in a blog posting she wrote an open letter saying she is sorry for putting them on a 1200-calorie diet because it really is not enough to be healthy. she also criticized the food given out by jenny craig saying it's still just chemicals. a 2,000 calorie diet is recommended for women age 19 to 30. a big celebration for the uss intrepid. the american war ship
6:38 am
commissioned 70 years ago with the crucial part, of course, of american history. >> inspires me every time i come here. i'm really proud. >> more than 300 excrew members from world war ii gathering on the flight deck of the carrier friday for the anniversary. the intrepid is docked in new york city and home to the intrepid sea, air and space museum. >> i got to ride on the intrepid as it was going to the final mooring place in the harbor. just incredible. if you're in manhattan go down to the museum. it's really great. >> let's see what rick is doing. it apparently snowed and i don't remember rick forecasting this. >> rick is standing in the snow with dogs. >> it was strange because it snowed in one very specific little spot, maybe a 30 by 40ier, but we got a good six to eight inches of snow that's rapidly melting because this is unleashed by petco and you're talking about how to keep dogs cool. >> august is the month where you
6:39 am
have the most heat-related illnesses and the anies with dogs, right? >> absolutely correct. >> it's very important to keep your dogs cool and what are some of the initial signs you need to know? >> you want to make sure that it was 75 degrees or higher. it's certainly very dangerous in a closed vehicle. it can get up to 120 degrees which is very dangerous. you want to look out for panting and tongue hanging out of their mouth and critical if you're hanging to the side and drooping low you want to get them inside to a cooler area, fresh water, good treats. >> is there some more susceptible. you want to be extra careful with those bulldogs, pugs, et cetera, but any dog is susceptible to this at any time of the year. >> tell me about this event that you guys are doing. >> it's the unleash for petco summer snow day. nine different locations around the country, on the west coast,
6:40 am
east coast and texas, as well and riverside park in new york city. we're very, very excited about planning on, you know, thousands of people coming in. great event day. we're going have different vendors sponsored by wellman's dog food. >> all of the shelter partners will have their dogs here and specialties and care. we'll be there, as well if we'll have them for adoption and it's just a great way to get out on a hot day and cool off and have fun. it's next saturday. these dogs are really well behaved. i want to talk about these organizations and all of these dogs are adoptable and what is your organization? >> we are socialt tease animal rescue. www animal rescue we have two different organizations that have brought their dogs. >> i'm jamie, this is my partner rafrpel and we're the new york-based kinder rescue run by
6:41 am
laurel kinder out of los angeles and what we do is we fly dogs from l.a. to new york weekly by the dozens and get them homes here because the demand for small dogs here are very high and we don't have many small dogs in the east coast as the way they do on the west coast. >> thank you so much for bringing the dogs. >> i hear mimi lunesta is the name of this dog right here. she's really very cute. we'll put this information on our website, "fox & friends," and we'll get that out. what about mimi? i have a feeling your daughter would love to take a dog home. >> she sure would, rick. great idea. thanks a lot. >> and with the name lunesta is probably already a big fan. >> a little valium dog. coming up on the show, muslim groups planning a million muslim march set to take place on 9/11. they say they're the real victims of the 9/11 attacks. a man who lost his cousin and father in those terrorist
6:42 am
attacks is here next to respond. one of the stars based on the popular book "the ultimate gift" joins us on the kirby couch. >> first let's check in with neil cavuto. consumers bombing and now retailers are warning. are tax hikes to blame? we predicted it, harry reid all, but confirming it, government-run healthcare for all? we'll explain. plus it looks like the mandatory spending cuts are not helping, but hurting the economy. time to cut more? why at a time when we're seeing record government handouts, poverty gaining hold of america's suburbs. all of that and more coming up at the top of the hour. we'll see you then.ig osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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know more about your health. go to and order your dna kit for only $99 today. learn hundreds of things about your health at muslim groups planning a million muslim march set to take place on the anniversary of 9/11, the terror attacks that day. the reason why? because, they say, they were the real victims of that attack.
6:46 am
>> we are standing that day to show america that we muslim, we denounce terrorism and we understand with the solidarity, denouncing that effect and event. the day of 9/11 we muslim become villainized and victimized and it's not us and them. it's we as americans. >> joining us now is joe connor whose cousin was killed on 9/1129/11 2001 and his dad was killed in the attack orchestrated by flam. welcome. >> thank you. >> your response to the fact that they're the real victims of the 9/11 attacks. i saw people jumping and i was at the trade center having gone through. they are not the victims here. the islamist extremists perpetrated the attacks. if anything we've gone overboard to protect the islamic people in
6:47 am
this country since 9/11. so this is ridiculous. >> apparently, some of the organizers of this event, the so-called million muslim march are 9/11 deniers claiming some unseen conspiracy. >> they're called the truthers and i prefer to call them liars. if you were there that day and you saw people jumping. i could never look at my cows know's family and say this was prerp traperpetrated by the uni states or by the jews, it's disgusting and it makes me angry after all these years that someone would get traction by saying these ridiculous remarks. you know, it's hard to describe. >> and further, president oba p right after the 9/11 attacks said i want to be clear, this is the work of islamic extremisext. it wasn't peaceful, loving, muslim-americans in this country. so their goal in this march is to demand social justice by the united states government.
6:48 am
how have they been wronged? >> they haven't been. if you look at what's going on in this country, look at fort hood. you have a major shooting, 13 people screaming allah akbar at the time and it's called workplace violence. we have the president saying we don't know what causes this kind of thing. we do, mr. president, he was screaming allah akbar at the time. there's no way anyone can say we are attacking muslim people. if anything, we've gone the other way. we've tried to minimize -- we don't even define our enemy, quite frankly. we've taken the word terrorism out of the lexicon and we don't use the word islamist extremist and unless we can identify them, we can't defeat them and they are our enemy. >> what is the psychological phenomenon that gives rise, thousands are killed for doing nothing and many on the left say we should feel guilty somehow for that.
6:49 am
how does that work? >> it's a blame america first mentality and it comes from people who have control of everything and they -- i think the leftists believe they have to control everything and control your life and control everything about you. if the united states is not controlling everything, the united states would control everything in their mind. so if something goes wrong it's our fault. it's a very twisted belief of control in my mind. >> they're trying to get a million muslims to march from washington and we know from having looked at their website that they have ten people. not quite a million, huh? >> yeah. i mean, look, they're doing this for publicity, number one. number two, i think they would like to encite a fight and in some circular logic they can justify this march by having a fight at their march and thirdly, they're doing it at the ground zero mosque. they want to claim 9/11 and marches on washington for islam. it happened in jerusalem and it happened in spain and it's happened in the ground zero
6:50 am
mosque and it's taking our culture and turning it upside down. >> joe connor, thanks for joining us. >> you may know his dad from his acting days from "bonanza." michael lanza joins us next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
he kept a journal from the time he was 15. maybe you can find something from his past. >> the new movie "the ultimate life" tells the story of jason stevens who inherited a bunch of
6:54 am
money and struggles with all the problems that come along with that. he stumbles abong his grandfather's journal. >> director michael landon junior and michael waters. welcome to you both. >> thank you for having us. >> the ultimate gift, what is the ultimate gift. >> the ultimate gift was the first movie in the series and starred james gardner and based on jim stovall's novel -- >> i'm asking the deep metaphysical question, the ultimate gift? >> that's for everybody to figure out, right? >> you obviously explore these themes in "the ultimate life" particularly the struggle with money or what money does. and i know, drew, as an actor this is something that has resonated as your life in hollywood. what do you think the message of the movie is? >> i think the most important is money doesn't solve everything. once you have it, it's important
6:55 am
that what you have around you are the people that care four most. this movie michael landon directed shows that well. it shows a man setting a goal and accomplishing goals throughout his life but his major goal is to have the ultimate money, be a billionaire. at the end of that, when he -- when that dream comes true, he realizes everything he cared about in the process, he left behind. now he has to rekindle that. >> michael, you grew up around this business, of course. >> i did. >> when did you decide you wanted to go in it? >> when i was 13 years old i got a super eight camera and realized i wanted to direct. >> what did your dad say? >> yeah, it was good. he was supportive. it didn't happen overnight, that's for sure. i spent seven years in camera, lugging equipment around. went to film school. was an apprentice editor, studied acting. was an actor for a while. >> your father is thought of so
6:56 am
fondly by those of us who watched him every week on "little house on the prairie" and michael landon was known as a great actor, director and for having larger ideals and principles. what did you learn from him? >> yeah, he was -- he was a very dedicated family man. through my upbringing, you know, my parents divorced when i was 15 years old so things fell apart there, but up to that point he was very principled in that he worked hard, came home, spent time with his family. wasn't into the hollywood scene. >> good for him. >> yeah, yeah. and i loved how he -- i mean, obviously, i'm a huge fan of his work. that probably is what resonated with me the most. >> that's beautiful. the movie is "the ultimate life," thank you for coming in. >> thank you ♪
6:57 am
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7:00 am for our after show show. we want to think michael waters. >> i have a book coming out "traces of mercy". >> we'll hear more from these guys in the after the show show. thank you. >> see you tomorrow. consumer sentiment falling and even while retail sales for the month of july held up. some companies are sounding the alarm. walmart, macy's, joseph a. bank, nordstroms worrying about their shoppers. is that payroll tax hike hurting consumers? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls & bears". let's get to it. we have gary smith, tracy burns, jonah, joh

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